Warning—Long Post…….. 🙂

Update on goals

So here is a quarterly update on my 101+ goals in 1001 days


Start Date: January 1 2018

Finish Date: September 28 2020

First Update is on March 31, 2018


Decided that I needed to give quarterly updates on how I’m doing with my different goals in this 101+ Goals in 1001 days. Hard to believe that we’re 90 days into the both the year and the challenge. That means there are only 911 days left on the challenge (at least I’ve gotten two things [more or less] check off the list). So not everything has an update on it, and those areas that I decided to update on are in bold print.

Here are my 101+ goals for the next 1001 days (random and non-grouped):

  1. Transition into a biotech or biopharma company as a research scientist or land another type of industry position
  2. Become fluent in Spanish
  3. Become fluent in German
  4. Learn to program (R and maybe python)
  5. Visit at least three new countries (0/3)
  6. Start jogging/running
  7. Run a 5K (0/1)
  8. Move to a new(ish) city for #1
  9. Make it through at least 150 days of beachbody workouts (share on twitter?) (0/150)
  10. Paint & frame at least one original painting (0/1)
  11. Finish the program management e-course bundle
  12. Finish the Six Sigma e-course bundle
  13. Finish the SMBA program
  14. Finish the Youtube for bosses course
  15. Finish the Youtube course creation for bosses course
  16. Launch a youtube channel
  17. Launch a online course
  18. Get blog traffic to 500+ views/day
  19. Publish 5-10 scientific blog posts (0/10)
  20. Practice more photography (1-2 posts a week) This is also part of the 365 photography challenge
  21. Get instagram followers to 800+ (To date I have: 195 followers) If you want to follow I’m at jessi1980
  22. Showcase crafts on blog (afghans, artwork, jewelry)
  23. Learn to make my own jewelry
  24. Re-pierce my ears
  25. Finish at least 50 personal/professional development books (and post reviews) (0/50) (So far I’ve finished 9 out 90, and have added another eight or so books)
  26. Interact more on Linkedin (actually network with connections) (at least 4 a week) (8/140)
  27. Share benefits of beachbody workouts
  28. Reach at least 14,014,000 steps (1,266,429/14,014,000 (or at 9%)
  29. Visit at least one new national (or state) park (0/1)
  30. 5 pushups on toes (0/5)
  31. 10 pushups on toes (0/10)
  32. Run a 10K (0/1)
  33. Visit one new city & state (US) (0/1; 0/1)
  34. Go to one or more scientific conferences (0/1)
  35. Go to a blogging conference (0/1)
  36. Thin out monkey grass and relay bricks under maple tree in front yard
  37. Present at a scientific conference (0/1)
  38. Post free monthly challenges in facebook groups
  39. Write (or start) a book
  40. Complete a 365 day photography challenge (0/365) [have restarted the challenge since I had the flu earlier this month–before the flu I was at 59 days; now I’m back down to day 6]
  41. Clean the desk Now here’s hoping I keep it clean
  42. Reach 400+ followers on pintrest So far I’m still at 94 followers. I lost one this month (I didn’t post as much on pintrest as I needed to—having the flu bites).
  43. Reach 1000+ followers on twitter So far I’m at 96 followers; if you want to follow I’m at becoming_jessi
  44. Publish at least two blog series (0/2)
  45. Mediate at least 5 minutes a day (0/1001) [I’m probably somewhere between 65 and 75 days out of 90 so far. I know that there was a week in Feb that I didn’t really mediate, and that there were quite a few days this month that I didn’t mediate either. So this is something that I really do need to work on.
  46. No extra snacks at work (i.e. no hitting the coffee shop for cookies in the morning) (0/1001) I know that I have been bad at this so far this year—if I’m lucky I can usually manage not to grab something at least three days a week. One goal for April will be if I’m buying a snack it’s a fruit cup only (no chocolate chip cookies).
  47. Declutter the movies in the house
  48. Create an editorial calendar for blog [ I’m 0/3 and see note on #61 for explaination]
  49. New camera for photography
  50. Credit card debt down to less than $500 (or paid off)
  51. Monthly budget (plus list of monthly recurring charges on credit cards) (0/33) I have kept track two out three months (March has been a washout in terms of most goals with having caught the flu)
  52. Learn to give mani/pedi and give myself one a month (0/33) So far this is 0/0 in having done. Again something (as this can be considered self care/love) that I’m going to try to add to either the April goal list or make sure its on the list for May).
  53. Get a new sewing machine and make a new quilt for bed
  54. Make my new moon & full moon goals (0/66) [I missed the last new moon [March 17th] and will a little late possibly in posting the goals for the most current full moon [March 31st]]
  55. Buy a new couch and chair for my living room
  56. Buy a new dresser for my bedroom
  57. Buy a new mattress & boxspring for my bed
  58. Buy a new TV & stand for living room
  59. Reorganize my storage unit
  60. Buy fabric & foam and make new cushions for rocking chair
  61. Create a posting schedule (editorial calendar) for facebook pages (0/66) So far I’m 0/0. I realize that I get OCD at times with more the layout of the calendar than what I’m putting on the calendar. Then I start filling in the calendar and since I try to have multiple things on the same calendar it gets to where it spreads out over more than one page and I don’t like that—so yeah, I’m still in a semi-design phase for all the editorial calendars.
  62. Generate at least three months of memes for facebook pages (0/3)
  63. Create posting schedule (editorial calendar) for instagram (0/33) [I’m 0/3 and see note on #61 for explanation]
  64. Learn to use photoshop for memes & posts
  65. Make a 30 day Zumba schedule & stick with it (0/30)
  66. Visit one or more new zoos (0/1)
  67. Visit one or more new aquariums (0/1)
  68. Make a top 10 favorite romance author list for blog
  69. Write and share at least two posts on linkedin every two months (0/32)
  70. Ask for endorsements from 6 well known connections on linkedin (0/6)
  71. Endorse 3 to 5 people on linkedin every four months (0/40)
  72. Renew professional memberships (0/6)
  73. Get into the “best shape” of my life
  74. Finish reading books on scientific writing (review and post) (0/7)
  75. Take a multivitamin & supplements daily (0/1001) [make note on how many days] [as of March 31, 2018 I’m “72”/90. There were two days towards the end of Feb that I was super busy at work and totally forgot to take my multivitamin & supplements once I got to work; plus I was sick (or recovering) for about half of March).
  76. Design a logo for my blog/website This may be finished by the end of the first quarter. I have one designed, but it looked rather large when I tried to import it to the top of the blog, so now I’m in the process of trying to create a smaller one.
  77. Finish 3 hidden object games without using hints, or the strategy guide
  78. Go to a author-reader conference and meet authors
  79. Write in journal daily (0/1001) [Currently I’m somewhere between 72 and 74 out of 90 days of writing in my journal—being sick part of the month (and then recovering from the flu) had me off this month in terms of sticking with a schedule (which includes trying to write down what I’ve ate during the day]
  80. Complete my book of Sudoku puzzles (minus the ones crossed out)
  81. Drink 70 oz of water a day (0/1001) [I’m probably somewhere between 72 and 85 days of drinking at least 70oz of water. I realize that while I should monitor the straight water (no tea), while it is tea—it is still water that I’m drinking and ingesting, therefore should count towards my daily limit—therefore most days now I’m trying to get over the 70oz limit]
  82. Color in two coloring books (0/2) (pictures on blog/instagram)
  83. Knit another afghan (diamond pattern) This has been started
  84. Watch all the episodes of Hawaii 5-0
  85. Go to at least 2 professional networking events (0/2)
  86. Update Linkedin profile (0/2)
  87. Watch all the episodes of Grimm
  88. Design a science based board game
  89. Hold a two minute plank (on forearms)
  90. Hold a 90 second plank (full)
  91. Go at least one weekend a month without social media (0/33)
  92. Create a vision board
  93. Create my own altar (wiccan/pagan)
  94. Learn basic sign language
  95. Create job searching/networking editorial calendar (0/12) [I’m currently 0/12 and see note on #61 for explanation]
  96. Get an additional external hard drive to back up the laptop & external DVD drive for installing printer program on laptop
  97. Create my own coffee table photography book
  98. Touch base with friends that I haven’t talked to lately (0/127)
  99. Determine exercises to help strengthen ankles
  100. Savings up another 20K (0/20K)
  101. Get at least three plants and keep them alive (0/3)
  102. Stretch daily (0/1001)
  103. Editorial calendar for responses to groups and articles on linkedin (0/33) [I’m currently 0/3 and see note on #61 for explanation]
  104. Watch all the episodes of The Librarians
  105. Watch all the episodes of Once Upon A Time
  106. Get Fit with Jessi facebook page to 1000+ likes So far I’m at 40 likes
  107. Get BecomingJessi facebook page to 1000+ likes So far I’m at 35 likes
  108. Get Spelunkers and Friends page to 1000+ likes (This is a late add and is almost the pets page and has 10 likes right now.)

The list will be update periodically (either with a link to the blog post covering said goal, crossed out, or dated and crossed out).