Well March ended yesterday, and it also brought about the blue moon (or the second full moon of the month). The moon has traveled through the Virgo constellation and has now entered the Libra constellation. Going with my rising sign, this means the moon has now entered my 12th house, or the secret zone.

Basically, this is the time that is best spent on reflecting on oneself. So for example, I should spend the time during the next two weeks to reflect on why I want to transition into industry from academia, also I need to reflect on why I’ve allowed my health and fitness routines to fall by the wayside and why I’ve fallen back into bad habits.

So my goals for period of the Libra full moon (which is about two weeks) is to sit and take a good look at myself (both personally & professionally) and journal on the two main topics: my desire to change my career path, and then my regression on my health and fitness routine.

I know that in order for things to change, I first have to identify the areas that are in need of change, and to do that I need to sit and reflect back on everything in my life up to this point.