So the first full moon in March was traveling through the Virgo constellation, and I decided that I was going to stick with my rising sign, therefore this moon was traveling through my eleventh house (or my friend zone). So I had stated that I was going to start (1) networking more [both adding more value to my current network and work on expanding it as well]; (2) try to get together with local friends for either lunch or walking around Boomer Lake on the weekend at least once; and then (3) reconnect with friends on facebook that I haven’t talked to in awhile to see what is new with them.

Well I managed only a little bit of what I wanted to accomplish this full moon (again I will blame it on having the flu). I did manage to meet up with a friend for lunch this month (though a couple of weeks later than originally planned), I networked a little more (not to the degree that I needed, but it was a start), and also talked to a friend or two via facebook. I’ve realized that I need to push myself a little more on the whole talking to other people outside of work time. While I am more than willing to stay at home all the time, when I’m not at work, that doesn’t do much for social interactions (which is something that I need to work on). Therefore I’m going to continue trying to work on the friend zone (even when the moon has moved into a different house).