Decided to start the week off with a little motivational quote/picture. I got a set of cards called the Motto of the Day a few months ago in a calmbox shipment. There are fifty plus motivational sayings, and I’m going to go through each one on a Monday–pick out the one that speaks the most to me, and then share it here on the blog.

So today I picked the quote “Keep Moving Forward”. I did this intentionally as I need to keep reminding myself that I need to keep moving in a forward direction in both personal (health and fitness) and professional (looking for the new position) areas of my life. Basically I know what I need to be doing in both areas–working out and watching what I’m eating (personal) and then starting to really try to network more (adding value to current connections and continuing to connect) to be able to set up informational interviews that will hopefully lead to a position in industry. I also know that I really need to narrow down what exactly I want to do in industry and go at it from that direction as well.

By reminding myself that I need to keep moving forward, it will hopefully start to help ease the anxiety that is creeping up when I realize that the time is ticking down on my current position and I really should try to have something set up before it ticks down to zero. Also the reminder is that nothing can change yesterday, so I need to keep moving forward and try to be a little better at various things then I was yesterday.