Well obviously today was a little warmer than yesterday. The cats were sleeping on the recliner instead of the bed (or in the case of Pancakes–under the covers curled up on the bed). We got hit with a cold snap this weekend, and yesterday Pancakes spent most of the day curled up under the blankets at the end of my parents bed. Pyewicket always sleeps on top of the blankets, I think so that she can always hear when someone comes into the room and if they’re going to disturb her slumber or not.

They can share.

When they decide to sleep on the recliner, this is usually how they divide it up–Pyewicket (or sometimes Waffles) gets the top of the recliner (closer to the window), and Pancakes takes the seat. Personally I think that Pancakes was spoiled out in Boston, when she didn’t have any competition for the seat; and therefore she stakes the claim each and every time.