So the month of April is winding down, and the moon has moved through various constellations over the last two weeks (the last new moon was in Aries), and now it is entering the constellation Scorpio. So with sticking with the theme of going with my rising sign (and not my star/sun sign)—this full moon has entered my 1st house, or my image zone.

So what this means, is that over the next two week I should also be focusing on myself and what I need. This is a time, where if I need help I shouldn’t be afraid to ask for it; also I shouldn’t be afraid to say no either—if I’m super busy I can calmly tell people that sorry, can’t help today maybe some other time. I also need to focus on my health and fitness—this may be the time where I order some new workout clothes, or go and get a haircut (just doing something for me for no other reason than its for me).

So some goals for this particular period are:


To find happiness daily (it could be seeing a wild animal on the walk to the bus stop, flowers opening, clouds in the sky). Also practice happiness—try not to complain about things that I can’t change.

To continue working on getting my health and fitness routine back on track, but also forgive myself for the times that I slip.

To finalize my choices for the type of industry positions that I want to be possibly trying to transition into by the fall.