So today’s motivation/reminder is:

Wednesday Wisdom

So this is something that I really need to keep reminding myself of–that life should also be enjoyed. There are a lot of things that I would love to do, places to visit, and things to see. I know that doing everything on the list probably isn’t possible (I’m not a millionaire, and I doubt that I’m going to inherit any large amounts of money). I have places that I would like to visit from basically all seven continents on list, and seeing them all would require a lot of money. I’m getting back into a workout/nutrition routine, and hopefully if I keep it up–maybe try to arrange a hike in a national park with friends in a couple of years. I haven’t done any crafts lately, but that is because I’ve been busy worrying about the work side of things that I have been neglecting the fun side of things as well.

So I’m thinking that I might actually have to schedule in time to work on a craft project (even if it’s just drawing in a notebook), that way I can remind myself that there are other things than just work and worrying about work (and trying to find the next job). I think that I’ve always been super serious about things (maybe due to being an introvert–but mindless small talk can be trying, and truthfully with most things I’d rather figure out how to get stuff done today so that I can enjoy time later and have to worry about something hanging over my head), but one goal is to try to relax a little on the seriousness and enjoy life a little more and get out and “play on the playground”.