So today’s national pet week photography is brought to you by Piranha.

    Someone wants to cool off

Someone decided that laying in the clover next to the bricks was an better way of cooling off than laying in the monkey grass or in her little burrow. Even though it’s only early May, the summer temperatures are all ready here (today was the low 90s), and I don’t want to think of how hot the actual summer months are going to get. Luckily the clover seems to be doing well, and when it gets to hot for that–there is always the nice cold tiles in the air conditioned house for them to lay on.

So we got Piranha from friends when she was a puppy and we were visiting on vacation. She was given to my younger brother, and just like that we had three dogs all under the age of two (two of which are still with us today). Those three played together, and I will admit it was weird watching a St. Bernard walking around with a puppy in her mouth, before Piranha use to try to hang off of her jowls.

In about two months Piranha will be fifteen years old, and she probably has at least another year to two (if not three in her). She likes her cool grasses to lay in, the sun baked areas to roll around in to scratch her back, to bark at everyone at dinner so that we give her something, to also curling up on the couch in her “nest” of afghans.

Remember–Adopt, don’t shop and fix your animals.