Decided that today’s entry for national pet week would be one of the fish, and Jaws won the draw. While fish can’t do a lot of things for people that cats and dogs (and probably to some extent other types of pets [birds, reptiles, rabbits, and others]), they are still usually a part of most families, at least as children are growing up. I’m pretty sure that a lot of us had the little goldfish in the bowl on the counter as a child.

Jaws eating “dinner”

I like having fish (because besides the ease of care), they also provide entertainment for the cats–I know that Pancakes enjoys spending time watching the fish eat, and she also likes trying to say hello to them as well. Also depending on your work schedule, where you live, if you’re allergic to animals–fish can also be a great way to have a pet (but without the pet dander, and with minimal fuss [unless you’re setting up a salt water aquarium or something fancy]). Also, did you know algae eaters can live 10-15 years (that’s basically the same age limit that cats and dogs have as well), so again–at least for algae eaters, they are an investment of both time and money (best for aquariums when you know you aren’t going to be moving every six months (unless you can figure out a way to move the algae eater with you)).