Well today’s motivation/tip actually fell into the travel motivation/tip category. I think that the picture speaks for itself. I would love to do more traveling (both domestically and internationally), but considering (at internationally) it will cost a pretty penny to travel to all the places that I have on my travel bucket list though there are several different national parks within the US that I would like to still visit.


One of the things I need to do is to find friends that want to also travel and see different things and try to schedule road trips or something like that. Once I get back into shape I’d love to go on hiking trips with people and actually do some more camping (though its been a good fifteen plus years since I’ve actually camped outside–I think the last time was in either 2002 or 2003–I forget if the one zoology class was before or after the vacation to Mesa Verde National Park).

Currently there is only one mini trip planned for this year (though that may change depending on how the job hunt goes), and I’m settling for doing some traveling through books or the amazing photos that are posted on national geographic and other sites. As much as I’d love to just drop everything and start traveling–money is needed, and therefore a job is needed. Currently that is a 9-5, and therefore travel will always be limited for awhile.