Well this is going to possibly be an late night post.

                           Daily Reminder

Decided that an quote/motivational saying, or just a good old fashioned positive reminder was needed after this week. This is the one that jumped out at me: “Yes, It’s possible”.

It’s possible–It’s possible to get a new job–I just have to start putting in more effort into the search, the networking, determining exactly what I want to do with my life.

It’s possible to get into better shape–I’m already on the path. I just have to continue, and that means figuring out the best nutrition and exercise programs that I will actually stick with. This is something I’ve been thinking about lately, and there may be a page dedicated to this transition (in addition to the exercise/workout page that I already have up).

It seems that as we age, we forget at times all the things we dreamed about doing when we were younger. At one point I’d dreamed that I would be a world renowned marine biologist, but then when it came time for college–I didn’t want to be taking out numerous student loans (since I didn’t have a perfect GPA or score on the college tests), so I changed my direction. I could have gone for it via grad school–but again I let something swing me a different direction.

I’m now on that pendulum again career wise, and wondering which direction is it going to swing, and which direction am I going to jump? But all I need to remember is that “It’s Possible”. I know that there is a job out there just for me, all I have to do is locate it–this will be what takes time, and I just have to be patient with the process.