So today marks yet another new moon, and the fact that the month of May is almost halfway over. Since it’s May it’s also fitting that the new moon is in Taurus (which is the sign for those born between April 20 & May 21). So how did I do with my new moon goals for Aries:

My goals for the Aries new moon included working out daily (doing Yoga Booty Ballet)—though I only managed to do it for about three days a week (and I didn’t do it at all last week). I’m thinking that I need to either totally switch up my workout programs (a different program each day or go with one that I haven’t done really before—either InsanityMax30 or 22 Minute Hard Corps).

Make a new overall 12-month plan—this is still in progress. I managed to draft an outline of what I would like to get accomplish over the next year for several different areas of my life. I just need to actually put them down on a calendar and then do a step-by-step plan to get to those goals.

The nutrition is still an on-going project. I’ve managed to get things under control (I’m starting to log my foods and try to keep track of calories/macros), but also am trying to focus on eating more whole foods and less processed foods whenever possible.

The remembering to have fun (or unplug from the computer) is also an ongoing project. It is hard at times to actually stop and not worry about things or trying to do different things on line. I’m hoping to get better at this over the next couple of weeks/months as well.

So I managed to get started on several different things during the last new moon (which is the point of the Aries new moon—it’s a new beginning), and now I just need to start focusing on different areas during the next several months and we shall see how things turn out. I have an outline of a plan, I just need to try to start to flesh it out.