So the new moon is in the Taurus constellation, and by going by my rising sign, this is entering my seventh house. The seventh house has to do with relationships, love and marriage, and friends and foes. So currently, I’m not in a relationship (as I tell people “I’m trying to get my life in order, and I don’t have the time/effort to put into a relationship with someone else; plus since I’m planning on moving—I don’t want to deal with that complication right now”). Yes, there are people that I disagree with, but I usually only have to deal with during working hours (9-5) and then I can go about the rest of my time without having to deal with them. Usually with people that I don’t get along with—I usually agree to disagree, and not talk about things that could spark disagreements (politics and religion for the most part).

But there are some other things to think about during this Taurus new moon: finances and self-care/self-value. So one of the things on my 101+ goal list was increasing my savings (trying to double it, if possible over the next 1001 days); though I know that I will be taking a fairly large chunk out of it whenever I do move (getting an apartment lease isn’t cheap, and neither is moving halfway across the country). It has increased a little, but that is something I’m still working on (after this little vacation—more will be going into the savings); though I have been fairly good at making a monthly budget and trying to stick with it. The second thing is self-care/self-value. Self-care can cover all sorts of things, and can differ from person to person.

My current self-care regime includes trying to drink about 64 to 70 oz of water a day; mediate at night (if possible), and then a nice relaxing bubble bath. I’m also trying to get back into a workout routine (which is going to be either InsanityMax30 or 22 minute Hard Corp—I need something that is less than 35 minutes every time). So I’m getting a little better at taking care of myself, but again this is something that I still need to focus on as well.

So goals: (1) Drink my water, (2) try to mediate at least three times a week (bonus if I can do it daily—though that might not happen during vacation); and (3) remember that it is fine to disagree with people and that not every person is meant to stay in one’s life.