So the month of May is winding down (where is the time going???), and the moon again has moved through the various constellations over the past few weeks (the last new moon was in Taurus; and before that the last full moon was in Scorpio). So before I get to the post on what my goals are going to be for the next full moon cycle, here is a brief update on how I did with my goals for the Scorpio full moon.

The goals included:

Finding happiness daily and also practicing happiness daily (i.e. limit the amount of complaining that I do).

For the most part, I think I was able to find a small ray of happiness daily (it did help that there was a mini vacation during the month of May (actually during the last new moon cycle), so there were cool things there. I still need to work on trying to limit the amount of complaining that I do (there is always going to be something that probably irritates me, I just need to go with the flow of things and not let it get to me).

Continue trying to get my health and fitness routine back on track, but also forgive myself for the days that I slip.

Well I’ve decided that I’m going to commit to doing InsanityMax30 for the next 60 days (there is one workout that I still need to watch to have an idea of all the exercises in it, so that I just don’t decide to quit because it’s difficult to do). Also I’m trying to commit to the mantra of removing the word “can’t” from my vocabulary in terms of what I eat and replacing it with the word “don’t”. Therefore when I’m deciding on food my mental mantra will be in the terms of “I don’t want that” and not “I can’t have that”. Going to take back control of what I eat and how it makes me feel.

            To finalize my choices for the type of industry positions that I want to be possibly trying to transition into by the fall.

Well, this is one that I still need to work on—the top choice right now is still the R&D research scientist, only because it would require the minimal amount of updating on my linkedin profile (and that isn’t really a good reason). I know that I need to start trying to step outside my comfort zone (which is where the other choices on the list come in). One thing that I need to start carving out time for is networking (starting conversations with people that I’m already connected to), and also trying to determine if there are other areas (other than Boston) that I’m willing to move to for a new job.