So the month of June is basically over—there’s only five days left. So if you remember that at the beginning of the month I’d decided that I was going to do was not spend any money during the month of June (other than some pre-planned items). One of those items was meeting a friend for lunch the following weekend, and a few e-books that I had already pre-ordered & coming out at some point during the month.

I’d told myself that I’d be making my lunch daily (truthfully not a problem—the only place really open on campus is the union and there aren’t that many selections within there open), and then I wasn’t going to spend money on any more e-books or extra lives for the one hidden object game that I have on my kindle.

So how did I manage to do on this no-spend June month? I really only managed to do it sporadically. I have been packing my lunch daily—but now I’m getting coffee and some type of snack in the morning before I clock in—why? Mainly to kill the time, before I clock in—I really don’t need the extra coffee, and I sure as hell don’t need the extra sweets. So now I need to remember to try to take my other travelling coffee mug with me and then get just regular coffee instead of a fancy mocha (besides saving some cash it will save me on the calories as well).

I was still sporadically spending money on buying extra lives for the hidden objects game—it is fun, and it gets frustrating that you get so close to winning the level that if you just had a few extra turns you’d win it—cue spending some money to ensure that the extra turns can be had. I also bought some more e-books (though they were mainly in the personal/professional development realm of readings).


I’ve realized that when I’m stressed—I either spend money, or I eat sweets (or both). That is one reason why I’ve been going to the coffee shop every morning—truthfully I could sit at my desk, and start my daily to-do list—but I’m frustrated with life right now and overthinking everything. One of the things I know that I need to work on. So I’m thinking that come July (which is literally right around the corner)—I’m going to stick with trying to keep a money log, and see if I can work up to a no spend week. Trying to hit the no-spend month right away was a high hope and one I thought I could reach. I didn’t, but have acknowledged where all my pitfalls are. Now I need to work on filling in those pitfalls, so when I try another no spend month—I might have a little better success.