So I’m going to be trying to restart my photography challenge–hopefully it will manage to last 365 days. It’s going to be a mixture of nature shots, photos of the animals, unique sayings/inspiration, and probably pictures of my shakeology. With using my phone (and my camera), it’s a way for me to step back from work and remember that there are other things in life. So I will probably be posting at least one short post a day–each with a different picture.

                      Ladybug, ladybug

I saw this one when I was walking between Physical Sciences and the Noble Research Center the other morning. It was just chilling on the post that had the door opener on it. I actually walked back to get a picture of it before heading into the building. I remember catching these as a kid, and for an science project in either middle school or junior high. I remember having to collect insects for constructing an insect collection board–realized real quick that these cute little bugs would eat the others in the jar (and that some of the others would eat them as well).

Truthfully I don’t mind most insects (the only ones that I really don’t like are flies and mosquitoes).