So we’re going to be entering another new moon tomorrow—Leo. That means yet another series of lunar cycles (new, quarter, full, quarter, to new) has come and gone. So it is yet time again to reflect back on what I had set as goals for the last new moon period (Cancer) as the moon moved through my 9th house (or the “Big Picture Zone”).

So the 9th house was where we were to reflect on things that were related to adventure, travel, personal development, getting in touch with family, and review one’s goals. So some of the topics were easier to deal with than others. Depending on whether you’re talking about just immediate family (or extended)—I keep in touch with most family via social media, with the exception of my parents (as I live at home) and my younger brother (who frequently comes home for visits). While it has been years since I’ve seen my extended family—the highway goes both ways and they could always come visit us as well.

I think I managed to finish one more personal development book during this new moon (and it was “Thinking in Bets: Making Smart Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts” by Annie Duke). I’m also working on learning web design (I have bought several books and e-courses on the subject) so that I can try to update the facilities page, and also have the skill to where if I want to build a site devoted to my photography I can.

I think that today the universe was giving me the subtle hint that I need to start really focusing on my transition into industry. So while I think I’ve narrowed down the different positions that sound interesting, I know that I now have more work to do before getting an informational interview:

  • With the idea of staying with research—I’m thinking of potentially going either more agricultural or maybe cosmetic. This means that I need to look for companies to follow in linkedin, twitter, and so forth; plus try to find the mission statements of the companies to make sure that they align with my own values.
  • I need to work through the different data programming e-courses that I’ve bought as I’m thinking possibly also of going the route of data analysis.
  • I also need to start reading more within the business world (and also the scientific world as well).
  • Start adding value to connections that might lead to informational interviews within either one of different research fields or the different business fields as well.

I have been doing better at meditating at night, sometimes it is only for a two or three minutes, other times it is closer to the five minutes. I’ve found that the best thing that works for me is a couple minutes of laying down on my acupuncture mat to help clear my mind, before sitting up to meditate. The acupuncture mat (and pillow) work wonders on the muscle cramps from a long day and relieving the pressure from sinus (and tension) headaches.

So I did a bit better this time around with meeting my goals, and at the same time realizing that I’m just going to have to take the leap and realize that the net will appear to catch me—I just have to let go of the fear of not knowing when it will catch me.