So the moon is entering its latest “new” phase in the Virgo constellation today. So while I’ve been doing all of my goal predictions from the view of my rising star, the Virgo constellation holds a special place, as it is my birth sign.

So what are some of the things that one can do during the time of the Virgo new moon?

Take an inventory of what is working & what isn’t working in your life.

Are you being of service to others?

Look to your health habits—does anything need adjustment?

Avoid nitpicking.

Get organized.

So in terms of the above ideas of things one can do, how am I doing in terms of each one?

In terms of being of service to other people—that could also be considered the motto for my current position (doing the DNA sequencing). Though it isn’t a position that I want to keep, as you’re the one that basically is blamed if something goes wrong (even if you haven’t done anything wrong). I help out around the house, and try to do a little extra at work as well (but not much, as it isn’t appreciated by other people).

Staying in academia isn’t working at all—so I’m working on figuring out the next move (which will either be into industry or possibly getting a alternative teaching certificate and teaching high school science). Staying in OK also isn’t really working (I think that there are too many bad memories from public education here, that they’re overshadowing all the progress I’m trying to make—therefore it’s time to get the hell out of the state again). What is working is joining different online communities which is giving me both accountability & support in terms of the different things I’m trying to work on (career transition, health progression, and so forth).

I’m starting to get back into both healthy eating habits (it’s been over a month since I got either a specialty coffee drink or some type of sweet dessert on campus), and sticking to a workout program (next week I’ll be finishing the first round of LIIFT4). I have slipped the past couple of days in terms of making sure that I take my multivitamins, but I’m usually good 85-90% of the time. I’m also getting better at meditating at night as well (now I just need to figure out a nice quite spot to sit at times during the work day to be able to mediate for a few minutes when I realize I’m close to losing my temper).

In terms of the nitpicking—I usually can avoid doing this at work (if nothing else, it is other people nitpicking on how I’m doing my job). I’m also getting better at not judging myself to harshly if I fall short of meeting certain weekly goals. I know that everything works better with slow and steady progress, that if you try to do too much at once—you might not get anything done (your inner critic could start sabotaging you).

Getting organized is something that I really need to do this month, especially in terms of my transition into industry. I’m going to need to keep track of the different positions, the companies that I could potentially want to work for, my network connections, the dates & times for informational interviews, and then the hopeful interviewing process.

So besides these different areas that one can focus on, the new moon in Virgo, is within my 11th house (based on my rising sign). This house is also known as your “Friend Zone plus your hopes and dreams”. So this is the time to wish for what you want or to spend more time surrounded by friends.

During this time there are two areas to focus on: your hopes and dreams and friends. In terms of hopes and dreams—I’m going to be spending the time focused on continuing to work on my transition plan, and making the decision on whether or not to continue within my current position come the end of the year. The other focus for the time is your network of friends and your position within that network.

So some of the things that you can do during this time include (according to “Moonology: working with the magic of the lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland):

Signing up for an evening class in something you’ve always wanted to do.

Network (i.e. ask your friends to introduce you to friends of theirs that you haven’t met).

Wish on a star every night for the month.

Introduce a childhood pal to a friend from your life now.

Say “Hi” to someone you see nearly every day but never speak to.

Thank your best friend(s) for being there for you.

So the goals that I’m going to focus on during the Virgo season include:

  • Continuing to focus on my transition plan, and starting to add value to connections on linkedin.
  • Work through various e-courses that I’ve bought over the past few months (and remember to try to take good notes to where I can write and post a summary on the blog).
  • Getting organized (keeping track of where I’m at in terms of #1 & #2, and possibly #4, & #5).
  • Determining my personal & professional “brand”
  • Making it through the last week of LIIFT4 & then a round of Shift Shop