Well September is going to be over in basically a week, and then we have only a third of the year left. I do wish that time would slow a little on the weekends, so that I could get stuff accomplished but oh well that is life—time going at it’s own speed. The moon will be entering its full phase tomorrow and will be within the Aries constellation.

So looking back at things—I realize that I had finished the one book towards the end of last month (but it was such a rough month, I thought that I’d finished it around the long holiday weekend). But that was a side note tangent.

I have realized that I’ve fallen behind on my meditation practices and that I really need to get back into doing that nightly and if possible try to find a nice quiet place on campus that I can escape to for a few minutes during the day when I know that I’m stressing and try to get control over the anxiety.

But in terms of my goals for the period of the Pisces full moon, how did I do?

I finished LIIFT4 a week ago. I’m debating on whether or not to do a second round right away or make a hybrid calendar to get me through my “transition period” (i.e. times that I will be having to travel—either to go to networking events and interviews).

I did renew my memberships for the ASBMB & ASCB. I have basically a week to decide if I’m going to go to the ASCB meeting in December to try to network with the companies that show up to those things and also to maybe catch some talks. The other option is to wait until the spring & go to the ASBMB national conference.

I’m still working on my transition plan—I think I have an idea of what the top job titles will be—now I just need to match to companies and start adding more value to connections on linkedin so that I can work up to asking for an informational interview.

The only “crafty” thing I’ve been doing lately is my evening tarot/oracle card reading. While I have been taking pictures on the weekend, they are mainly on my camera and therefore are more difficult to try to load to instagram. Though I might start the photo challenge on the blog (and when I’m able to also have it on instagram and/or twitter). I’m also going to try to find the time to also work on the jewelry projects as well.

This month may not have been the greatest in terms of self/mental care, and narrowing down the transition plan—but I tried to do a little every day (which is better than doing nothing at all). I’ve also realized that as we head into the fall and winter months—at times those are the hardest months for me to actually stick with doing anything. But again I’ve realized that I need to step up my game for getting to the next chapter/stage of my life.