So we have entered the last quarter of the year, and soon the moon will be entering its latest “new” phase in the Libra constellation tomorrow. So when the moon passed through the Virgo constellation during the last “new moon” phase back in early September, it was going though my 11th house—which is the “Friends Zone, plus your hopes and dreams”. This is in addition to other things that one can do during this time in regards to just general life (I’d covered these questions/topics in my post on my goals for the Virgo new moon).

My goals were as followed:

  • Continuing to focus on my transition plan, and starting to add value to connections on linkedin.
  • Work through various e-courses that I’ve bought over the past few months (and remember to try to take good notes to where I can write and post a summary on the blog).
  • Getting organized (keeping track of where I’m at in terms of #1 & #2, and possibly #4, & #5).
  • Determining my personal & professional “brand”
  • Making it through the last week of LIIFT4 & then a round of Shift Shop

So how did I do in terms of my goals for the Virgo new moon?

  • I think that I’ve managed to order some of the industry positions, so that I can try to focus on say the top four positions as I move forward. I’m still slowly networking and trying to add value to my connections on linkedin.
  • This one didn’t happen last month—I was usually too stressed and irritated with the world to do any type of work in the evenings.
  • It’s hard to get organized, when you’ve realized that you probably didn’t get as much accomplished during the time as you had hoped.
  • Still working on this one.
  • I made it through LIIFT4, but then struggled for two weeks with trying to decide what program (or programs) to do. Started LIIFT4 again this past week, and will probably make a hybrid with another one to be able to stay slightly focused when I’m possibly traveling this winter and into the spring.