Taurus Full Moon Goals


Well next week is Halloween, Day of the Dead, and the fact that there are only two months left in the year. I won’t be sorry to see the end of this month (though Halloween has always been a favorite holiday). The moon has transitioned into Taurus today, and also has entered it “full” stage as well.


So looking at “Moonology: working with the magic of lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland there are some questions that one can ask themselves during this time:


Have I been lazy or overly self-indulgent this month?


Have I been too obsessed with money or status symbols?


Have I been stubborn, jealous, or possessive?


Have I been doing too much comfort eating?


Have I done enough exercise?



So if I number the questions again 1-5, my answers would be as following:


  • I don’t think that I have been too overly self-indulgent or lazy this past month. I’ve been trying to ensure that I meet steps (hopefully at least 10K a day—though I know that there are quite a few days this month that I haven’t hit 10K).
  • No I haven’t been obsessed with money or status symbols. I’m trying to make sure that my credit debt is in the controllable range. I know that it has gone up this month, due to my trip out to Boston, and then the unexpected vet bill for Chewi.
  • No I haven’t been stubborn, jealous, or possessive.
  • Yes, I probably have been doing a little too much comfort eating this month. This has been a hard month since we lost two dogs within four days of each other. This has led me to eating more sweets, and also buying lunch occasionally on campus (when I had been doing good in terms of limiting spending on campus).
  • No, I have fallen down a little on my workout routine this month (again in part to losing two dogs within four days of each other and then traveling out to Boston). I know that I can go to either the gym in the hotel or just pull up a workout on the computer (yoga or pilates; something that doesn’t require bouncing). So once I’m back home, it will be time to start working out and sticking with a schedule.

So the moon is also passing through my 7th house, or the “love zone”. This can also be considered another relationship zone (especially if you aren’t in a romantic relationship). This is the time, when we try to focus on other people a little more—making sure that we are actually adding value and helping the other people in our lives.

So my goals for this full moon period are:

  • Start back up on a workout program (probably start an second round of LIIFT4 once I get home from my mini-trip); though while I’m out in Boston—walking (which I will be doing a lot of tomorrow).
  • Continue working on my transition plan—really try to figure out the what the hell I want to do with my life, so I can focus on finding the title and company that I would be a match with (I’ve signed up for another career counseling course last night).
  • Really try to get back into nightly meditations.
  • Get back to trying to post at least every other day on the blog.