So it is now November, and the moon has entered into Scorpio yesterday (and is also a new moon). So as we start barreling towards the end of the year (as there are only four new/full moons left), it is time to look back at the goals I made for the Libra new moon and see how I did with them (as October wasn’t the greatest month for me in terms of meeting goals).



My goals were as followed:


(1) Getting back into meditation (I’ve been trying to do it nightly, and some nights I just can’t get into the groove)—but I’m going to aim for doing at least five minutes of meditation each night.


(2) Continue working on my transition plan, and also make it out to the GeneTown Connect networking event later this month.


(3) Continue to work through the various e-courses that I’ve bought (again trying to remember to take notes so that I can also make a blog post out of what I took away from the course).


(4) Start working on the science blog posts.


(5) I will also continue with my hybrid workout calendar (LIIFT4 and probably InsanityMax30) and trying to keep my nutrition under control.


So how did I do with each of the goals for the Libra new moon?


  • This is one that I’ve been struggling with—mainly with making the time to just sit (or even lie on the floor) with my eyes closed and just concentrate on my breathing and allowing the thoughts to wander through but not name them—but just them float by. I think I managed maybe two or three nights meditating.
  • I did make it out to the GeneTown Connect event in Boston (and even went to two other networking events). I’m still working on my transition plan, namely trying to determine both the type of professional lifestyle I want to have and my “why” or “purpose”. Once I figure that out, I think I can then figure out the type of positions that will go with them.
  • This didn’t really happen this month (I’ve got to try to carve out the time during the day [probably at work, even if it’s just thirty minutes] or at lunch to do this).
  • I have started an outline for one post, but that was as far as I got with it and that was at the airport when I was traveling out to Boston.
  • This only partially happened—I managed one week of LIIFT4 in October before the month just went to hell, and then I was traveling for a week, and then once I was back it was basically the end of the month. I have started another round of LIIFT4 this week—so hopefully it will see me through until the New Year.

It wasn’t a total fail in terms of goals this past new moon period. There was a period of grief and mourning (and I’m still mourning) but at the same time I’m trying to move forward and start doing things in terms of figuring out the transition plan and getting a industry position and moving to another city.