So this is a day late, as the “new moon” as yesterday in the morning hours.  I’m going to try to get back in the habit of posting hopefully at least once a week (a photography review of my instagram posts), but hopefully more often than that. All I can say is that this fall has been a struggle in numerous ways, but I’m finding my way back.

So the moon has entered into the Scorpio constellation yesterday, and is also in it’s “new moon” phase. This means that there are only two full moon phases and one more new moon phase left for the year before we enter 2019.

What are some of the things that one can do during the time of the Scorpio new moon?

Get Sexy.

Invest wisely.

Make Inner Peace.


Drop grudges.


So the new moon in Scorpio is also passing through my 1st house (as I’ve been doing these predictions off my rising sign which is Scorpio; my star/birth sign is actually Virgo). The first house is our image zone (so the moon passes through it twice a year—and actually passes through each house twice a year). This is a period to work towards a new beginning, better self-image and self-direction.


This is something I’ve been working on all year (not just when the moon goes through my 1st house), and I’m going to use the coming two weeks to try to really focus and plan out the things I want to try to accomplish over the next few months.


So some of the things that you can do during this time include (according to “Moonology: working with the magic of the lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland):


Surprise friends with the “new you”.

Throw out all your old makeup and start again.

Meet someone new (or plan the next stage with your significant other)

Move somewhere new

Splurge on something in a vibrant color

Have a facial

Get your sight checked

So if I looked at the above list, some of the items could be doable, others not at this time, and yet others I don’t do at all. For example—I don’t wear makeup (I work in a lab all day, and I’ve never felt the need to put on makeup. Plus I probably would forget to either wash my face, or I’d rub my eyes [as I do when my allergies are acting up] and smear mascara all over my face—no thank you). Also I’ve already had my vision checked this year, so I’m good on that point for a few more months.

So my goals for this Scorpio period are:

  • Get back into a meditation routine at night. This goes with the Scorpio mood of making inner peace & breathing.
  • Work on my transition plan—try to figure out both my “why” (or purpose) and my professional lifestyle that I want to live.
  • Continue with the second round of LIIFT4; and then finally
  • Work on ideas for more blog posts (and pages) for the website.