It is now December, and there are only twenty-four days left in the month. The moon will be entering the Sagittarius constellation soon, and is entering its last “new moon” phase for the year.

So what are some of the things that one can do during the time of Sagittarius new moon?

            Get away—travel.


Search for meaning.


Be grateful.

With the moon entering into Sagittarius, this is also my second house or the “cash, property, and values” zone. As I’m writing this—I’m also trying not to giggle since this is falling within the holiday period, and most people are thinking of things that they want (or think they want). I’m personally going to have a very small “wish” list for the holidays—mainly because when I move I don’t want to have to pack more than what I already have.I think I’m probably going to slowly go as minimal as possible—the two moves that I’ve done so far have shown me that I don’t like moving a lot. Anyway,back to the second house—the cash, property, and value zone.

So some of the things that you can do during this time include (according to “Moonology: working with the magic of the lunar cycles”by Yasmin Boland):

Start a savings account.

Pay your bills, taxes, debt, etc.

Hire an accountant, if it’s all too much.

Showcase your talents.

Get a neck and shoulder massage.

Invest in an expensive neck cream.

So if I look at the above two lists, there are some items that I can simply check off already—I have a savings account, and I’m paying my bills, and trying to get my debt down. I would love to travel right now—but it’s the holiday season (and besides the fact that everyone is trying to travel—it’s not the best time to do so with the weather).

I am trying to remember to be more grateful (realizing that I do have a decent job, a roof over my head, and so on), and I’m also trying to laugh more (though with the state of the world currently that’s hard to do on a daily basis). So if I were to make a small goal list for the Sagittarius new moon period, the goals would include:

  1. Doing better at keeping a money log, and setting up some financial goals for the New Year.
  2. Working on the transition plan (namely narrowing down the biotech hubs and professional lifestyle that I want)
  3. Working through different e-courses (taking notes for different posts).

I may also try to work on some crafts (continue working on my afghan, and maybe try my hand at making some jewelry) and my coloring challenge (which I’ve fallen down on this week).