The moon has now entered its last “full” phase for the year today. I’ve decided that it would be a good time to reflect back on the all the different full moon goals that I’d tried to fulfill throughout 2018. I missed the full moon last month—so I managed to do eleven out of the twelve full moons this year (this means that I only missed one & I only missed one new moon—so I managed to get 91% at least written out and pledged—I might not have hit every goal, but I at least managed to think of goals at least once a month all year).

Similar to the new moon goals, the full moon goals varied a little month to month (again depending on what constellation and what house the moon was traveling through). The goals can be divided up into the following categories:

Personal, Professional, Finances, Spiritual, and Other.

Personal Goals:

            Getting my nutrition and fitness back on track

            Staying away from sweets (namely candy and cookies)

            Trying to find happiness daily

            Realize that it is okay to occasionally slip in the fitness/nutrition journey

            Start trying to read more of the books on the personal/professional development list (and possibly add more to it as well)

Professional Goals:

            Figuring out what type of positions I want to go after in industry.

            Deciding on whether or not I want to stay within research or step away and try something else.

            More networking (adding value to connections)

            Renew professional memberships

            Work on the transition plan

Financial Goals:

            Setting up a monthly budget

            Keeping track of credit card purchases

Spiritual Goals:

            Meditate nightly

            Nightly tarot card reading (and posting [at least every other] night on instagram)

Other Goals:

            Meeting up with friends for either lunch or walking around Boomer Lake.

            Reorganize the storage unit

            Not checking work email on the weekends or holidays

            Working on crafts (photography challenge or starting to make my own jewelry).

            Weekly postings to the blog

While the lists aren’t that long—the goals were repeated frequently over the past year. I won’t say that I was perfect with the goals (because I wasn’t)—but I was at least consistent in what I was trying to accomplish that I keep having it on the list (in some variation, depending on what house the moon is passing through).

The goals for the coming year are probably going to be almost identical, especially since I want 2019 to be both the year that I transition into an industry position, and the year that I get my nutrition and fitness under control and I can start checking off some other goals as well.

The planning for 2019 is actually going to be starting this week—I’m also going to break the goals down to easier tasks (like can I start five conversations on linkedin—even it it’s just a belated thank you to an connection; or can I spend 30 minutes learning (and taking notes) on programing or learning a foreign language).

2019 is going to be the year of change, new adventures, and new stories. Work has to be done, but with planning and also the acceptance that I’m human and will make mistakes and slide backwards—but as long as I continue to forage ahead—I can reach the goal of transitioning into an industry position in 2019.