So the moon has entered the Capricorn constellation, and is also in its first new moon transition of the year. So, I’d made a goal within my 101 goal list to set goals for each new/full moon of the year—well this year it will be a little weird, because there will be several times when the moon doesn’t transition through a constellation during one of those phases. It will still transition through the constellation, but the corresponding moon phase will be either before/after the new/full transition or during the waxing/waning periods. So the moon will transition back through the constellations in time to be in the correct position for new or full moon.

So, back to the first new moon of the year, which is happening this weekend (depending on where you live in the world). The moon is moving through the Capricorn constellation, and according to “Moonlogy: Working with the magic of lunar cycles” by Yasmin Boland, there are several things that one can do during this time:

            Plan for the next year.

            Be ambitious with your plans for the next year (or few years).

            Be kind (to both yourself and others).

            Cede control (don’t micromanage or manipulate others)

            Establish traditions (also working on your reputation (both personal & professional).

There is another aspect of the moon cycles—and that is the zone (which is associated with your signs [there are your star, rising, and moon signs]). I usually do all my predictions using my rising sign: Scorpio, though I could do it with my star sign as well (which is Virgo).

So this new moon in Capricorn is entering my third house, or my communication zone. This is the time to concentrate on communication, and spending time with friends and siblings. So there are several things that one can do during this time (again I’m taking this from “Moonology”):

            Take a public speaking course.

            Read the books you’ve got stacked up.

            Take a short trip.

            Hang out with your siblings.

            Study a foreign language.

            Really listen to others.

            Write those letters you’ve been putting off.

Looking at the above list—I do spend time with my younger sibling (mainly whenever he comes into town for a weekend; easy to do since I’m living at home still). It’s harder to spend time with my older sibling as he is out on the west coast.

So if I were to try to combine the two lists in to a short goal list for the Capricorn New Moon, I would say my goals would include:

            Working on the transition plan (namely reworking my core values and the daily steps for transitioning into an industry position).

            Reading (or finishing) at least 3 non-fiction books

            Start working through the various e-courses that I’ve bought (which includes lifetime access for learning a foreign language).

These goals are similar to the past two series of goals for Capricorn from last year—one of my mottos for this is “slow but steady”. I have almost everything at my fingertips for transitioning and getting into the best shape of my life—I just have to develop the time management skills to implement the changes. Therefore I’m going to try to keep the goals at no more than 2 or 3 for each period, and also have them similar (if not the same) to the monthly goals that I’m also setting at the beginning of each month.