Someone is unhappy with the thunderstorm.

So I didn’t post a picture last night (there were technical issues), so I’m going to do another double picture posting today.

The first one is of Waffles on my chest last night due to the thunderstorms that were passing through. I’ve noticed that as the animals get older, their tolerance of storms (especially loud ones) seems to decrease. I think my cat found a hiding spot, my mother’s cat curled up by the dog, and I tried to calm Waffles down. She spent a good twenty to thirty minutes on my chest under a cover until the worst of the storm passed over.

The storm managed to drop a good amount of rain for the month of February, but since it is February–the temperatures were all below freezing so all that wonderful rain, turned to ice.

Icy leaves and berries

So when I got up this morning, I found out that I didn’t have to go into work today due to the ice accumulation over night. Everything in the yard was covered in a nice ice coat for the day. The sun did come out to help melt the ice, but the temperatures never got above freezing–so all that melting ice is just going to refreeze tonight. It will be interesting to see what we wake up to in the morning.

I put out more bird seed for the birds and squirrels, and will have to see what the status of those feeders are tomorrow. As much as I love a day off of work–I’d prefer the snow days to the ice days–snow is so much easier to walk on (until its all melted into ice). But that is the winter weather this year–first full day off due to bad weather (we had two partial days off last month). What will the next winter storm bring?