Well I’ve realized that I have fallen down yet again on trying to post a new picture to the blog daily. I also know what part of the problem is–I’m either not seeing anything that strikes my fancy to take a photograph of, or I think of doing it but before I can–I get distracted, and when I remember the picture I was aiming to take isn’t there any more.

So to restart the challenge, I’ve actually cheated a little and am using a photo I took last night of my cat as she was watching me read my oracle cards.

What are you doing human???

I will admit that I do my oracle/tarot card readings at night so that I have something to meditate on, and possibly dream on as well. Last night as I was shuffling and pulling cards, Pancakes came into the room to see what I was up to.

She didn’t know exactly what to make of the cards that were getting spread out on the mat and why I kept shuffling cards and rearranging them, while either nodding or shaking my head. Personally I think she wanted to start batting them around (probably thought that was what I was doing in an odd sort of way).

But she does like to investigate things that make sounds, especially plastics and when I turned around I’d noticed that there was a small piece of plastic behind me–so maybe she was just trying to tell me to hand over her toy??

So here is to restarting the photography challenge, hopefully I will just stop and take the photo when the urge strikes me and that way I can keep in touch with my artistic side as well. We will have to see what tomorrow brings……