Tonight’s moon is suppose to be the brightest for the year….

Well today marks the second full moon of the year, and technically the brightest one as well. Which figures, since as I’m writing this, the sky is overcast and there is suppose to be a winter storm coming into the state sometime today (which means that sky will probably be overcast tonight as well and I won’t be able to see the full moon). Today marks the second time this month that schools have closed due to winter weather (we already had an ice day earlier this month), but we will have to see what comes through today in terms of this winter storm.

So the moon will be (or has already) entered the Virgo constellation today. So if I look to Yasmin Boland’s book: “Moonology: working with the magic of the lunar cycles”, I will find a series of five questions that one can reflect on during this time.  The questions for the Virgo full moon are:

            Have I been too picky, pedantic, or critical of myself or anyone else?

            Have I been humble to the point of underrating myself?

            Have I been of service to others enough this month?

            Have I been worrying and complaining too much, and thus attracting negativity?

            Have I paid enough attention to the details that I need to this month?

So if I were to number the questions 1-5, I think that my answers would be as follow:

  1. I don’t think that I’ve been picky, pedantic, or critical of others or myself this month. And I will admit to learning the definition of a new word (pedantic—someone is showing off book learning or trivia, especially in a negative way) this month; which is funny since I’ve read (and re-read) this book numerous times and this is the first time that word popped out at me. I’m trying to keep the mindset that I do my best each day, and at the end of the day I let everything go and start fresh the next day. While this mindset is still a work in progress for me (especially when I’m at work & realize that if things aren’t close to perfect, I will get some criticism from my boss; and it isn’t always constructive).
  2. I probably have been at times a little too humble to where I’ve underrated myself and allowed others to take credit for things that I’ve done. This is something that again I’m trying to work on more (speaking up for myself and taking credit when due).
  3. Yes, I think I’ve been of service to others this month (as that is a key part of my 9-5 job). Though, I might not have been of service enough to others through the blog, but that is again something that I’m trying to work on being better at.
  4. Of the two traits that can attract negativity, I will admit to worrying too much, and at times complaining about things. The complaining usually is directed towards the current political atmosphere of the planet, and other then exercising my right to vote (and hope that it leads to beneficial change), I know that there is little I can do (I could try to get involved in politics, but I currently lack the disposition for it—I’d be calling too many people idiots to their faces in terms of those that don’t believe in basic science concepts (such as the world is round, climate change is real, GMOs are beneficial to the world, and vaccines don’t cause autism or other topics). So I know that I need to try to worry less about things (my main worry right now is trying to figure out the proper positions to try to transition into, where I would be moving, getting there (which includes figuring out the best way of acclimating an almost 10 year old cat to yet another new place). Also I know that I need to complain less about the current state of politics, but at the same time this one will be a very hard one to break.
  5. In terms of wondering if I paid enough attention to the details I need to this month, I would say I’ve been fifty-fifty in this area. I try to be mindful when I’m at work on my tasks (as I’ve been told numerous times that I need to watch what my hands are doing), so that in theory I don’t make that many mistakes (but I am human after all, and mistakes will be made). In terms of working on my transition plan, I’ve made a little more headway, though I still have quite a ways to go before I’m able to try to set up informational interviews. Then in terms of personal development & having a work/home balance I’m still working on this as well.

Asides being in the Virgo constellation, this is also my 11th house (according to my rising sign—which is Scorpio), and is also known as the friend zone. This is also the time to focus on putting a little more work into your social life and spending time with friends and family. This is also a time when one can try to put a little more work and effort into their networking schemes as well.

That is one thing that I know I need to work on—which is adding value to my numerous connections on the different social platforms I’m on (but especially linkedin, as that is a main one for trying to transition into industry). I know that I need to add value to relationships before I can inquire about having an informational interview to learn more about how they moved into their current position and how they like it.

So if I were to make another small goal list for the Virgo full moon, those goals would include the following:

            Networking more on linkedin (add value to current connections, and then also strategically expand my network as well).

            Getting together with local friends more often (either for lunch, coffee, or maybe walking around Boomer Lake).

            Reaching out to friends that I haven’t talked to in awhile and catch up either through email or instant messaging.

            Then also continue working on my transition plan and also trying to develop a balance between “free time” and everything else that I need to be doing.