There were a few hungry rodents I see…

So this afternoon after getting home from work and feeding the dog, I went outside to fill the two bird feeders in the backyard. One is hanging closer to the house, and then there is this one that hangs on the back grape arbor.

When I walked out the door and looked towards the arbor I noticed that the lid wasn’t sitting correctly on the feeder and that it was totally empty. Now it being empty isn’t the problem–it’s always empty within probably four or five hours (mainly due to the furry four legged creatures that live in the trees–aka the squirrels). I’ve even found the feeder on the ground and usually several feet away from the arbor.

Today though, the little snots figured out how to prop the lid open without it falling and finished cleaning out all the seed that was left. I had at one point taped the clasps so that they couldn’t be pushed open–but some critter ran off with the duct tape several months ago. Now I’m wondering if the lid will be popped open again come morning and I will see a squirrel hanging from the feeder, calmly eating all the bird seed.