Sunrise while waiting for the bus.

So it was actually a very nice sunrise this morning, and one where I wish I had the time to be up at the lake capturing it on my camera. But I made due with trying to capture it from the bus stop.

I’ve never really been a morning person–but I enjoy the peace and quiet of the early morning hours before I have to deal with other people. I was the one who would get up early just to make sure that I was the first one in the lab and able to start my experiments before others showed up. Over the years I’ve gained an appreciation for the sunrise. I’ve realized that if I can find a little beauty in the morning before going to work–I can usually stay in a good mood (at least sixty to seventy percent of the time), and am able to deal with difficult people.

I’m hoping for a nice weekend soon to be able to get up to the lake and capture some more sunrise pictures–but over the water and not over a semi-busy intersection.