Well we’ve starting to wind up the first quarter of the year (January through March).  There are twenty-seven days left in March, and then the year is a quarter of the way over (where does the time go?).  So the moo will soon be entering into the Pisces constellation (March 6th), and that means it is time to reflect back on the mini goal list that I set for the Aquarius new moon in February.

Those goals included:

            Selling back DVDs via decluttr (nice way to make a little bit of money).

            Continue working on my transition plan (getting my value list down to say five to seven, and then the daily steps that I should be taking to meet my goals).

            Reorganizing my closet & the overflowing amount of clothes (maybe set up an ebay account and sell some on there?)

So how did I do with each one?

            I have a box of DVDs to finish inventorying via decluttr to generate the order form & mail them in. This hasn’t been done mainly because the weather has been crazy (and I usually take the box to work and walk it to mailing and ship it from campus). So what I may do is just break it into smaller orders (use more boxes but hey), and do it in several trips. But this is a big thing I’m trying to do this year, is cut back on the amount of stuff that I own.

            In terms of the transition plan, I have my key value list (see the post on values) that I’m going to try to ensure that I’m focusing on over the next few years. Now I need to make chart on how to ensure that I’m focusing on the values and working towards my goals as well. I’m also fine-tuning my definition of “professional lifestyle” and will be looking now towards different companies to see if they match the values (determining if they match the lifestyle will require setting up informational interviews).

            In terms of my closet & getting everything reorganized and sorted out—this is still another work in progress. I do realize that I have way to many t-shirts (I should probably count them and see how long I could go before having to do laundry), and therefore I need to figure out a way to par them down. One thing that I’m thinking of doing is the 33 articles of clothing challenge (basically you have 33 articles of clothing [shirts/pants/shorts/whatever depending on the season] and you rotate through those for three months, what you don’t use you sell, donate, give away. It’s a way of thinning out your wardrobe). So there will probably be a couple posts on that challenge once I decide to do it (probably in the spring or summer).

So I still need to work on time management (in terms of job searching/transitioning) and just realizing that with letting stuff go, 1) I can earn a little money (depending on where I’m hopefully selling the stuff), 2) I’m saving money on moving (less stuff=less space in a large moving truck=less money charged), and 3) I can save money for trips where I can make memories (and take pictures). But at least baby steps of progress are being made this year.