Well I managed to get a walk in today up around Boomer Lake (so I have quite a few new photos to start going through, once I get them onto the computer). But as I was leaving the house, I noticed the way the sun was hitting one of the wind chimes and I liked their shadow on the house.

Wind chimes and their shadows

This particular wind chime is a set of bells, and from the bottom two there are “shells” that dangle from them. They make a very enjoyable sound when the breeze is passing through the front yard. I also liked how the shadow of the bells looked on the house along with the shadows from the tree that shades the front walkway towards the porch.

Wind chimes have been around since ancient times (Rome, Egypt, India, China) and are considered to be a type of percussion instrument (due to how the suspended objects clank together due to the wind). The shapes of the wind chimes can vary from the average tube or rod to objects such as bells or ornaments. The shapes and spacing of the objects from each other allows for them to have different sounds daily (again depending on the wind blowing that particular day).

Wind chimes can be found in people’s gardens or being hung outside the home. We have several hanging in various spots and it’s always interesting to see if they will chime on the really windy days (when we see the trees blowing in the breeze). I’ll have to keep an eye open to see how often their shadow is casted in an interesting way on the side of the house.