White breasted nuthatch

The white-breasted nuthatch (Sitta carolinensis), is a small compact bird that has a short tail with a sharply pointed bill. This bird is compact that clingy to tree bark and moves up and down and around the trees.

The white breasted nuthatch is a year long resident that visits the various feeders in the yard. These birds eat mostly insects (and spiders) during the spring and summer. They supplement their diets with seeds during the colder months. The adults also feed at suet feeders as well (as shown in the picture). The diet of the young is entirely insects and spiders.

The nuthatches nest in large cavities or abandoned woodpecker holes. The females make a simple nest of bark, grasses, twigs, and hairs. They have a brood of five to nine, and the female incubates the eggs (and is fed by the male) for the approximate two weeks. It is though that the young leave the nest anywhere from two to four weeks after hatching.