So there is another easy way to tell that spring is officially here–the bird roosts are back out at Boomer Lake.

Swallows, sparrows, and I think a starling sitting on the bird “condo”.

There are only two of them currently up at the lake–one on each side of the lake and they look like they can hold about 12 nests of small birds. Currently it looks like it’s going to be sparrows, swallows, and possibly starlings (though I’m not positive on that identification).

I’m pretty sure that there are two types of swallows up at the lake: the barn swallow and then possibly the tree swallow. Oklahoma is in the breeding range of both birds, and I have seen two distinctively different looking swallows at the lake from time to time. One of them loves to live around the bridge that spans the lake–you can see them flying low over the water and then darting back under the bridge. I’m hoping to maybe get a decent picture of them this year on one of my many walks around the lake.