So I was going to try to share the science page ‘Brief Introduction to the Central Dogma of Biology’ directly, but realized that tehre are no ‘share buttons’ for the different pages, only for blog posts.

But what I can do is link the page to the blog post (check).

So as I’ve mentioned briefly in quite a few earlier blog posts, that expanding the ‘All Things Science’ section of the site was going to be more sporadic than expanding the other sections. The reason behind that is while it may not take any longer doing the research (though this can vary depending on the topic), it will take me a little longer to write/edit to ensure that I’m not just throwing out scientific jargon at people that only a handful would understand. That isn’t an insult, but acknowledging that science has a language of its own, that very few people speak.

So the first page that I added to the section was the ‘Brief Introduction to the Central Dogma of Biology‘.

This page is very short, considering about half of it is basically a reminder that the posts within the section will be sporadic. The actual topic starts below the cartoon image in the middle of page.

I’m also going to admit a few things: 1) I was dealing with a moderate bout of depression (as I wrote and posted the page about three-to-four months after losing two dogs), 2) I was also dealing with a moderate to semi-severe case of anxiety (as I was wondering what I was going to be doing with my life), and finally 3) it probably should be considered a rough draft due to the length.

So as the page has only gotten a few views over the years, if people would take just a few minutes to read it and then give an honest opinion, I would appreciate it.

I do have a few questions then: 1) is the introduction too brief? If so, where should I expand? 2) For future pages, roughly how long should the post be, before one loses interest? 1000 words? 1500 words? And finally, for the blog post (linking back to the page), would a 500-word post be long enough?

Thanks for the help, and just a quick note on comments: all comments are initially flagged as ‘spam’ until I ‘un-flag’ them so don’t be upset if the comments don’t show up right away.