CIZE (c)

So there is another fitness program review page up under the fitness tab. Since I had decided that I wasn’t quite in the mood to finish Barre Blend (but will be finishing up the last four weeks throughout the rest of the year)–I transitioned to CIZE for the month of March and the beginning of April.

While I’ve had the program for years (it came out on DVD back in 2015, when Beachbody was still releasing their workout programs on DVD), I never could make it all the way through the program.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like the program or the trainer–it was that I kept getting frustrated with how fast the routines would progress. Since I’m someone who has always considered herself as someone with two left feet–I will fully admit that when it comes to dancing, I gete frustrated quite easily.

But since one of the words I chose for 2021 was growth–I decided that I would give the program another try, and instead of focsuing on getting each move down perfect, I would focus on having fun and learning something different.

This was actually the mindset I started to cultivate last year when I was in my first round of 10 rounds–I know that I won’t be a professional mixed martial art fighter, just like I know I will never be a professional dancer, but I can go through the programs with the focus on enjoying moving my body and learning something new.

I have no idea on whether or not I lost a lot of inches, nor do I know how many pounds may have been lost or gained during this program–as those aren’t things that I’m focusing on during my journey now.

My focus now is getting into the best shape of my life, which may mean that I do lose weight, but at the same time I know I will also be focusing on gaining muscle and self-confidence as well.

On a side note, I did the preview workout for Shaun T’s newest program: Let’s Get Up! I enjoyed it–it is looking to be a mix of dance (but easier to follow than CIZE–no big choreograph dances) and resistance training. I may end up breaking my no-buying early access to a workout program when the early access is available for this one.

I gave CIZE 4.5 out of 5 stars–only because there wasn’t a ‘modifier’ (or someone dancing just a little slower than the others). I do plan on doing another round of CIZE probably sometime in 2022 or 2023.