Welcome back to Ravenwood, Pennsylvania–a town both like and unlike others.

If you haven’t read the first book in the series (Dawn Unearthed)–I would suggest you stop here, and go and read Sage & Rome’s story before continuing…

Dusk Unveiled picks up shortly after Dawn Unearthed, and features Laurel and Jaxton.

Laurel is the fire witch of the coven–who is unable to fully use her powers due to the Christopher family curse.

Jaxton Dark is the leader of the local hawk shifters, and a ‘fixer’ within the town.

While they know they’re mates—Laurel refuses to cement the bond as she strives to protect those she loves…

While everyone is still recovering from the last battle and the lives lost—their enemies don’t waste time and attack again…

Can they find a way to break the Christopher family curse before they lose each other?

Is the coven strong enough to repel Oriel’s latest attack?

Is there a traitor hiding within Ravenwood?

The answers to these questions and more—lie within the pages of ‘Dusk Unveiled’.

I loved the second installment of the Ravenwood Coven trilogy, and reading Laurel and Jax’s story.

There was an ‘unexpected’ twist at the end of the book—and I’m looking forward to the third and final book (Rowen and Ash’s story) to see how the coven handles the twist and to see Rowen and Ash get their happily-ever-after.

I’ve always enjoyed paranormal romance books, and the Ravenwood coven books have been hitting it out of the park across the board—though I hope that there may be a novella (or novel) for Nelle and Aspen as well in the future.

I give ‘Dusk Unveiled’ five out of five stars and highly recommend it to anyone who likes idea that the supernatural live among us.