So what happens when you and your younger brothers all get out of the military at the same time?

The Wilder brothers (first introduced in Inked Obsession) are out of the Air Force and figuring out how to adjust to civilian life.

Eli, Evan, Everett, Elijah, East and Elliot are settling into life in Texas, and deciding on what to do now that they’re all civilians.

Eli has the crazy idea of them buying land and going into business together.

A friend invites Eli and Everett to ‘crash’ a wedding, and that’s where Eli finds her—Alexis.

A Night for Us was a great introduction to Eliza’s brothers and Alexis. I’m now impatiently waiting on “One Way Back to Me” to be released to find out how Eli and Alexis’s relationship turns out.

I’m sure that the Wilder brother series will have an appearance or two by Eliza, Beckett, and the Fort Collins Montgomery family.

I give “A Night for Us” five out of five stars, and highly recommend it (and the Montgomery Ink World) to anyone looking for a great contemporary romance to read.