So the moon is going to be moving into the Capricorn constellation over the next day or two—marking the seventh full moon of the year, in addition to it being a super moon (also known as the buck full moon). Though before I look ahead to the Capricorn full moon, I should look back at the goals I had set for the Sagittarius full moon and see how I did with each of them.

So what were my goals for the Sagittarius full moon? They included:

  1. Finish updating my LinkedIn profile…While I’ve ‘technically’ have taken a career break the past two years—I’ve also been trying my hand at blogging and content creation…so I have to decide how to put that in…plus figure out the ‘transferable skill’ title for previous jobs…fun times….
  2. Create a functional resume template for science/medical communication jobs
  3. Finish updating the few pages on the website that I haven’t updated, start doing some serious SEO research for the site, writing, and so forth
  4. Continue with my 90-day content creation challenge
  5. And if I have time: roll the dice and see what the next adventure (or adventures) will be in terms of personal and professional development.

So how did I do with each of the goals?

Updating my LinkedIn profile:

Well in terms of updating my LinkedIn profile—this is always a work in progress. I’ve been slowly expanding on different jobs under the experience section—as each one added gives you 2000 characters for describing your duties.

I’m in the process of trying to write up the ‘description’ for the past two years—as I’m going to be putting it down as ‘freelance science/medical writer and creative blogger’.

I will probably be changing the url of the blog/website at the end of the month (top contender so far is jmcommunications), to help highlight the pivot to communications.

A large focus will be on science/medical/health communications, but I’ll also be focusing a little on personal/professional development communications—in addition to the normal posts that I’ve been doing over the past five years.

Creating a functional resume template:

I’ve started working on it…since I’m not a professional resume writer—it isn’t something I enjoy doing. I just need to pick one (maybe two) job ads for science (or medical) writing and use those to generate the template…goal is to still have it done by the end of the month.

Updating the blog/website:

I’m still in the process of updating the website, starting to do the serious SEO research, writing (though I’m slowly working on expanding the molecular cloning series for the blog), and all that other fun jazz.

Continuing with the 90-day research content creation challenge:

I’m restarting my 90-day content creation/research challenge. The main reason why I’m restarting it—I wasn’t keeping track of the content I was creating on LinkedIn (not just my Monday introductions or my Tuesday cloning series—but the other short original thought pieces and news articles I’d be sharing).

Rolling the dice again on the personal/professional development game:

So I think I rolled the two sets of dice a total of four times each (so 8 combos)

These were the squares I landed on:

1–Product management (probably could start the Cheeky course on the job area)

2–Math (i.e. refresh various subjects, and teach myself statistics)

3–Coding/programming–I signed up for a 100 day no-programming coding challenge, and promptly fell behind…


5–Landscape design

6–Review Biochemistry


8–Public Health

10–Business Development (probably could start the Cheeky course on the job area)


12–unplug for the night (after 8pm no computer)

13–Technical writing

16–Review Immunology


30–Emotional Intelligence/Soft Skills

40–Developing personal/professional brand

50–Review ‘-omics’



90–German castles (or review Immunology–depending on how I went around the boards)

For the combos:

37–Unplug for the night

43–Refresh a foreign language

88–Mineralogy (or unplug for the night)

90–German castles (or review immunology)

94–Historical geography (or reading)

97–Unplug for the night (or review cell biology)

126–Austrian cathedrals (or cross-stitching)

So for the * next to the reading ‘hits’—I’m actually making another board game with all the non-fiction books I have yet to finish reading. So once I’m done with those boards, I’ll be rolling two-to-four different dies (one to pick out the board—since there will be four; and the last three to pick out the book)

Since I can’t do all of the above items at the same time, which ones am I selecting?

I decided to go with:

Reading (exact book(s) will depend on rolling the dice for the non-fiction book board game)

Public Health

Business Development

Developing my personal/professional brand

Unplugging for the night (say after 8pm)

Reviewing immunology and/or ‘-omics’

In addition, I’m going to be redrawing the first game board, as there are a couple of squares that I want to change out and/or update.

So—that is a goal for this week: finish redrawing the different game boards (only one will have ‘massive’ writing on it; the four boards for the books will have numbers that I reference back to a massive list).

I would say that I managed to get about a third to half the goals accomplished during the Sagittarius period.

Everything was started and possibly rolling the dice and writing down what I landed on was the only goal ‘completed’ in full but nothing was left un-started.

Also the end of June wasn’t the greatest of times anyway (look to June in Review)…but I’m slowly getting better at dealing with my emotions and things that I can’t control. One of my biggest ‘problems’ has been trying to accomplish too much, and not breaking the goals down into easier daily pieces to manage.

I’m also slowly figuring out different things that I could put together for a ‘patchwork’ freelance job: science/medical/health writing, creating (and selling) e-courses, e-books, & science workbooks, creating crafts (jewelry, cross-stitch projects, scarfs, afghans, and so forth) on etsy, educational consulting, professional coaching, blogging, setting up a podcast and YouTube channel, and photography.

Now it is just a matter of figuring out which one to start scaling up first (probably the writing, e-courses and other educational material and use that success to help propel me into the next quadrant of the patchwork quilt.

So how did you do with your Sagittarius goals?