Bird Photography

So, I’m updating the various pages/tabs on the blog, and while I’m going to be keeping everything–somethings are getting consolidated.

Two of those areas are the birding section and the photography section.

Ever since I was young, I enjoyed going out and bird watching. I remember doing a few of the count the bird weekends as a child with the local Audubon Society at one of the city parks.

Carolina wren on the grapevine

Over the past couple of years—birds have become one of my constant photography subjects. When I manage to go on my walks around Boomer Lake—I’m looking for birds. Every walk is different, because I have no set list of birds to see—I’m just curious to see who is out and about that particular morning or afternoon.

Female ruby-throated hummingbird at the hummingbird feeder

When I travel, I do try to get to a local park or go for a long walk to see if I’m able to see any birds in that particular location.

Hopefully, when the pandemic is under control I will be able to start doing my long walks at Boomer Lake. Since self-isolation started in March, I’ve only done two (maybe three) short walks at Boomer Lake, and actually haven’t done one since May.

Woodpecker looking down

The pages that will be linked to this “home page” will focus on first the order of birds (for example the Order Pelecaniformes) and then on the family (for example the Family Pelecanidae) and then there will be pages linked to that page that will focus on a different bird that I’ve seen on a walk (whether it was around Boomer Lake, wandering Boston, hiking in the woods), and will include basic information on identification, location, and possibly a few unique notes about the birds. So, some pages may seem duplicate to some previous blog posts from the past couple of years—my apologies, but that is the way things go at times.

All other photography pages will be linked to the ‘Everything Else Photography’ page that will be located at the bottom of the ‘Bird Photography’ Tab.