Order Galliformes

The members that make up this order are all heavy-body basically ground feeding birds. They serve as both seed dispersers and predators in the various ecosystems that they inhabit (which includes every continent except for Antarctica, and the only ecosystems they are absent from are large deserts and the northern polar caps).

This order also includes the domesticated poultry birds as well–chickens and turkeys.

Wild turkeys grazing in the city

There are approximately 290 species found within 5 different families. Those families are the Phasianidae, Odontophoridae, Numididae, Cracidae, and Megapodiidae. The only two families that don’t have species within North America are Numididae and Megapodiidae.

These birds are capable of flight–but usually only for short distances (or between tree branches). Most prefer to walk or run in terms of getting around, therefore many may not be considered migratory (though there are some species of quail that do in fact migrate).

Plain Chachalacas

The diets of these birds can include anything from fruits, seeds, and tubers to lizards, snakes, and small mammals.

Photography goals(s) for this order include: getting a picture of each species that can be found within North America, and then getting pictures of other species on the other continents (especially the curassow).

Reference: (text): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galliformes

Pictures: unless stated otherwise I’ve taken all the pictures.