Water Challenge–Day 3

Well I should be able to finish today off at about 80 oz of water (a little low, if you go by body weight; but right on track if you go by the color of one’s pee–gross, yes but it is a valid way of judging how much water you drink).

I think I’m more or less getting the hang of making sure that I get about 80-100oz of water in a day, especially since I’ve gone to drinking 8-16oz of water in the morning when I’m trying to wake up (and complete at least 1 Sudoku puzzle).

One thing that I’m going to start doing again so that I don’t get bored with drinking water is putting a little lemon or lime juice into my water to give it a little bit more of a tart taste. I’ve never tried the fruit or veggie infusion trick (mainly because (1) I’d be picking the berries out to eat all the time; and (2) I don’t what to do with the cucumber after (other than eat it), and that could get old fast.

Tomorrow (or maybe I should say tonight), I’m going to start working on the next challenge from the book 52 small changes: making sure I get my zzz’s in (7-8 hours is what is recommended; but what is also recommended is basically going to bed and getting up at the same time every day–that is where the challenge is going to be for me–be consistent in both my bed time and when I get up in the morning). So we shall see how this challenge goes.

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Personal Development—Water Day 2

Well I’m making sure that I drank my water today (even measuring out how much water I drank waking up–the blue glass holds 16 oz if I fill it all the way and drink it all). So today is probably somewhere in the ball park of 72-85 oz (depending if you count the tea or not).

I’m also on day 7 of my limited caffeine intake.  Curious as to what a limited caffeine intake/challenge is??  Basically I’m limiting myself to black tea instead of coffee.  I figured out over the summer that drinking coffee first thing in the morning wasn’t a good thing (indigestion/reflux; and then the burps), and that if I had tea, I could then possibly have a latte or mocha, or some other coffee drink later in the morning. But this isn’t helpful when you are trying to lose weight, and straight coffee is causing issues for your digestive tract.  So basically, until I find a job that requires me to be functional before a certain hour of the morning, I’m cutting back to just drinking black tea (and hey you can find so many different flavors).

New favorite black tea from (c) Bigelow Teas (copyrighted–Bigelow Teas)
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Personal Development Challenge–Week 1

So the first challenge in the 52 small changes is to make sure that you are drinking enough water.


There are all sorts of different ways to determine how much water you should be drinking.  The author (and I know other people who follow the same pattern) talked about drinking half your body weight in water.  This has some benefits–you would probably always be getting your 8-10 glasses of water a day (unless you are super fit and light weight)–but it can get tiresome drinking (what seems like) endless glasses of water all day. And lets not forget the bathroom breaks then (which may be problematic with certain jobs, having to constantly go to the restroom); or waking up in the middle of the night due to that last 4 oz of water before bed.


I’m actually going to meld two guidelines together for myself–1) I will try to drink almost half my body weight in water (since I’m heavier than I’ve been for awhile, this would equate to about 100 oz of water a day), but I’m also going to go with the rule of urine color–the lighter the color, the more hydrated you are.  Yes, this is weird and gross looking in the toilet after having done your business, but it also gives you a snapshot of how hydrated you are.


Water is good for you, it keeps your body going, flushes out impurities and toxins, and it keeps you alive.

Today’s goal has been to get close to 100 oz, and I’m at about 82oz right now. My urine is a nice pale color, so I’m not going to sweat it if I can’t finish off the last 18+ oz of water tonight.

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Personal Development Challenge

So I’ve just finished reading 52 small changes: One year to a happier, healthier you by Brett Blumenthal. I really enjoyed this book, and while there were numerous things that (1) I already do, or (2) know I should be doing, there were also (3) things that I probably never would have though to include as a small change to try to make myself happier and healthier. So while it didn’t take a year to read the book, it will take basically the 52 weeks to do the challenge (though there are some that I’ve already been doing for awhile, there are other that I know will take longer than a week to incorporate into a new routine. Follow me, as I embark on winding journey of becoming happier and healthier while navigating job searching, interviews, and the possibility of moving (either somewhere within the US or abroad).

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Start of a new journey

It has been a little over a week since my job ended at OSU, within the biochemistry and molecular biology department, where I’d been for basically three and a half years (as both a post-doc and a senior research specialist/undergraduate research techniques instructor). While it was bittersweet that the job was ending, all chapters have to come to a close at some point.

Today is a day of relaxing and trying to get into a new healthier routine for awhile before I find a new job that will probably have me within a few weeks forgetting about all the effort I’ve put into trying to balance my life.

I’ve realized over the past few months that I need to focus (and probably pencil in) time for both mental recharging, physical activity (I am rather irritated with myself that I’m currently at my heaviest I’ve been since finishing grad school), personal development, and professional development.

Follow me on my journey as I try to figure out exactly who I am, where I should be, and what I should be doing.

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