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Realizations and reflections

Well today’s post is going to be somewhat brief, and I will have a catch-up photography challenge post tomorrow. I just realized that over the past two months (and probably longer than that), my posts have been almost all photography posts, with a few others sporadically posted throughout the month.

When I started this blog almost two years ago, I had figured it would be a way of keeping myself accountable in two different areas–personal and professional development (as I job searched), and also a way of sharing different interests (photography, fitness, books, and so forth). One thing I haven’t gotten the hang of totally yet is sitting down and trying to write numerous different posts ahead of time and then scheduling when I would post them on line.

I’ve been better this year at doing my bi-monthly moon goal posts, and my month in review–but that is still only about five additional posts added in to my photography challenge. The photography challenge is also starting to become difficult, because I feel like I’m almost taking the same pictures every week. At least I know where I can start making small daily changes.

I’ve also realized that I’m falling into an almost predictable mood swing pattern–I work on different areas and feel good about myself one month, and then the next I fall prey to that nasty inner voice that has me questioning everything I did the month before. It takes me a week or two to silence the inner critic, but then I have to build back the momentum that I lost–and then I repeat the cycle. I’ve realized that to break this cycle–I need to work on countering the inner critic voice (work on getting out of my own way), and also doing more journaling and getting the thoughts to paper and acknowledging the emotions (instead of ignoring them).

As we head into the second half of 2019, I realize that I’m going to have to make some big decisions about certain things (like when exactly am I going to be doing my “reboot break”), and that while I can’t see all the stairs in front of me–I need to take those first few steps and actually get myself unstuck in order to start really moving forward.

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National Jewel Day & Photography Challenge Day 24 (a day late….)

Well, better late than deciding not to post at all. I thought I had the draft saved last night–but I guess with the high winds and internet/modem problems it didn’t save.

So yesterday (March 13) marks a unique day—it was national jewel day. So the origins of the celebrating jewels on March 13 are unknown (as it isn’t an official holiday)—but there are several different ways of celebrating the day:

You can go out and buy yourself a new piece of jewelry

You can make some new jewelry

Exchange jewelry gifts with friends

Learn about jewels from different cultures

Some of the jewels that can be celebrated include the different birthstones:

Garnet (for those born in January)

Amethyst (for those born in February)

Aquamarine (for those born in March)

Diamond (for those born in April)

Emerald (for those born in May)

Pearl (for those born in June)

Ruby (for those born in July)

Peridot (for those born in August)

Sapphire (for those born in September)

Opal (for those born in October)

Citrine, Yellow Topaz (for those born in November)

Tanzanite, Zircon, Blue Topaz (for those born in December).

I’m a September baby—which means that I really like my sapphires, though I’m also partial to emeralds, yellow topaz, and blue topaz as well. Though jewelry doesn’t necessarily have to have jewels in it to make it fashionable.

Lately I’ve been getting into wearing more sterling silver necklaces (I don’t wear rings or bracelets that often due to being in research position, and at times needing to wear gloves), that have a more old world (pagan) vibe. When I do wear rings, they also fall into that category as well.

A couple of cat pendents that I got online……Ancient Celtic & Egyptian…

I also like my costume jewelry (especially for Halloween), or jewelry that is based off of movies (such as the Harry Potter series).

Harry Potter necklaces: the time turner and then the golden snitch

I do have a couple of bracelets that I don’t wear all that often (again mainly due to working in the lab and not wanting things to tear the gloves when I’m wearing those.

Charm bracelets…

One of the bracelets was a gift from my niece, and the other is one that I wear around Halloween time (depending on the costume).

One of these days I’m planning on getting my ears re-pierced, as there are so many cool earrings out there now. I had my ears pierced twice when I was younger, but have allowed the holes to heal back over. So we will have to see if I manage to get my ears re-pierced in the near future, I’m pretty sure that I’ve saved most of my old ear rings (they’re with the rest of my jewelry in storage), so I’d probably have some “vintage” pairs to share pictures of on the next national jewel day.

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Chimes and their shadows: Photography Challenge Day 20

Well I managed to get a walk in today up around Boomer Lake (so I have quite a few new photos to start going through, once I get them onto the computer). But as I was leaving the house, I noticed the way the sun was hitting one of the wind chimes and I liked their shadow on the house.

Wind chimes and their shadows

This particular wind chime is a set of bells, and from the bottom two there are “shells” that dangle from them. They make a very enjoyable sound when the breeze is passing through the front yard. I also liked how the shadow of the bells looked on the house along with the shadows from the tree that shades the front walkway towards the porch.

Wind chimes have been around since ancient times (Rome, Egypt, India, China) and are considered to be a type of percussion instrument (due to how the suspended objects clank together due to the wind). The shapes of the wind chimes can vary from the average tube or rod to objects such as bells or ornaments. The shapes and spacing of the objects from each other allows for them to have different sounds daily (again depending on the wind blowing that particular day).

Wind chimes can be found in people’s gardens or being hung outside the home. We have several hanging in various spots and it’s always interesting to see if they will chime on the really windy days (when we see the trees blowing in the breeze). I’ll have to keep an eye open to see how often their shadow is casted in an interesting way on the side of the house.

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