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Fitness Challenge coming in September

September Squat Challenge


Decided to get this posted a little early–starting in September I’m going to try to do different 30 day challenges (some will be fitness, and some will be personal development). But to start it off–I decided to go with squats.  I’m going to start easy on myself (and anyone who wants to join in) with basic and sumo squats (since there were numerous others I could have added–and they may make it to their own 30 day squat challenge). The challenge starts off easy–5 squats–but by the end of the month it is 100 squats.  As I mentioned in the photo–unless you have ample time in the evening or the morning to try to do 45+ squats, break them up into smaller amounts (keep track–unless you want to be doing extra).

Also as I stated–you should consult with your doctor if you have issues with your knees, stop doing them if it hurts to squat, and talk with your doctor. While I am referred to as “Dr”–I’m not that type of Doctor (I have my PhD, not my MD).

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New Challenge Ahead……….

So I’ve decided that I’m going to tackle a challenge that was basically present in all three of the personal development books that I’ve read lately. That challenge is cleaning up the clutter. Unless you have been raised in a household that regularly gets rid of stuff, OCD (which I have a very mild case to where I can go over the entire spectrum—have a room totally messy to then going on a total cleaning spree and having the room spotless), or just a decent housekeeper—you probably have the room(s) or drawer(s) that are overflowing, cluttered, dusty, and just a mess. Reading these books got me to realize that part of my anxiety issue probably does stem from the fact that I live in a messy house with my parents (though truthfully when I was on my own in Boston, my apartment was cluttered, dusty, and could have been considered messy by other peoples’ standards). So I’m going to tackle the two rooms that I have more or less total control over: my bedroom and my bathroom (though the bathroom isn’t that bad since I went on a mild cleaning spree a couple of weeks ago). There will be a side-by-side comparison of the bedroom and my takeaway thoughts when I complete the challenge (which will probably take me a few days to do so, even though the room isn’t that large—I do have a few other things on the plate that I have to take care of as well).

Hopefully with starting to clean up the clutter, the anxiety will dwindle a little and I can focus on other matters as well. Humans have become creatures that need more and more stuff, and I think I have finally figured out that the stuff does nothing but create more and more anxiety (at least for me). So I’ll see you at the next posting………..

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