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Photography Challenge Day 108: Pyewicket (short post)

I’ve realized looking through photographs to share on my daily challenge, that most have been from my weekly walks at Boomer Lake. So I’ve decided to switch it up and go a different route–sharing a picture of one of the cats in the house.

Someone decided to give the smaller “condo” a try

So we had to replace one cat condo about two years ago (it’s amazing the damage that five cats over a course of 14 years can do to one). The one we have now doesn’t stretch all the way to the ceiling like the old one, but it has an additional cat condo on it. The funny thing is–none of the cats usually go in there. When they do–they look like Pye–wondering why something so small was purchased for them.

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Fishy Friday: Photography Challenge Day 19

So one of the 30 day challenges that I think were in both of the books that I read last month was a photography challenge. Though I’m going to try to take it out to a full year (if not longer). One of the big tips from one of them, was to have taken more than one picture per day–just in case you come across a day that you either run out of time, or can’t find the inspiration for a photo.

So now I am trying to find inspiration for several photographs a day–this will probably work best on the weekends when it warms up and I’m doing my morning walks & outside more than what I am during the winter months.

One of the algae eaters and the shubunkin

So today’s photograph is of two of the fish in our large aquarium–the shubunkin and one of the algae eaters (I think it’s Cletus as it looks a little small to be Jaws). That is the only way that I can tell the two algae eaters apart (well also when I feed them–Cletus heads into it’s log to munch on the algae pellet), is their size. Jaws is just a little bit longer than Cletus. I think the fifty-five gallon aquarium is just the right size for two good size algae eaters and one decent size shubunkin.

One of the things that I will be investing in when I move is going to be an aquarium so that the cat can have her fish tv again–the algae eater in the smaller aquarium doesn’t swim around as much as these guys.

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Caturday: Photography Challenge day 13

So today’s photo is a slightly throw back to earlier this week and the cats, since it is #caturday after all.

Pye sitting in the remains of a box.

So Pye has rediscovered a enjoyment of boxes (be they intact or the remains of one). This is the remains of a box that we were using as a fire starter during one of the many cold snaps that we’ve had–but once it got to a point where the cats could “hid”–they took over the box.

Pye in particular has marked the box as hers–she will sit in the corner of it in mornings, or the evenings (or basically any time that she wants). The other cats will sniff the box, but they usually won’t sit “in” it, like Pye does.

But it is nice to see that all three of them have their own little personality quirks–Pye is boxes, Waffles likes sticks and leaves that the dog brings in from the outdoors, and Pancakes likes hair ties and the crinkly plastic that wraps around things (she can beat them up for hours).

What quirky things do your cats play with?

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Science Sunday and photography challenge day 7: Cat’s whiskers

Decided that today was going to be a two for one post: a new photo and then some of the science behind the topic. So I decided for the first double Sunday post, it would be on cat’s whiskers.

Pancakes’ long whiskers around her nose.

Most of us think of the cat’s whiskers as the pointy hairs on their faces (namely around their muzzle), but they can also have on other areas of their bodies such as their ears, around their jaw, and their forelegs. These hairs are actually called vibrissae and are used as sensors in their day-to-day lives.

When a cat brushes up against an object their whiskers allow them to determine the texture of the object, its location, and size—and it doesn’t matter if it’s light or dark around the cat.1 They’re also extremely sensitive, which makes sense if they’re sensory organs and have a higher supply of nerve endings and blood to the area. I know for a fact that my cat doesn’t like to drink from the water bowl if it’s too low as it presses against her whiskers.

They can also serve as one of the many emotional barometers for cats (along with ear and tail positioning).  For example in the picture, Pancakes’s whiskers were standing out sideways, meaning she was relaxed (and totally use to me taking pictures of her—though she was still giving me a dirty look—probably for waking her up). Though if the cat pushes their whiskers forward this could mean they’re excited, and if they’re flat back against the their cheeks, it mean they’re scared or extremely irritated.2

Have you paid attention to the directions of your cat’s whiskers?? How often are they forward or flat against their cheeks?


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Caturday: Photography Challenge Day 6

Someone enjoys being on my lap on the weekends.

So in honor of caturdays (or Saturdays for those without cats), I decided I’d share another picture of one the cats of the house.

Pancakes always seems to know when I’m working on my laptop, and I’d say about eighty percent of the time she will try to push my laptop off my lap. Luckily I work on a daybed, so the computer would be landing on something soft. I’ve also learned how to twist to the side, perch the laptop off to the side and type that way. But she is my cuddly little miniature panther.

She also has a habit of burrowing under covers during the day to sleep in the dark and stay warm at the same time–it’s actually quite cute to watch her decide which bed, then which end of the bed and then she will stretch, and climb under the covers and either curl up or stretch out to snooze away the day. She’s starting to gain the nickname of “lumpy” as well as panther, panny, pansy, and pan-pan to name a few.

What are some of the nicknames you have for your pets?

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Day 3: National Love Your Pet Day winners

Sleeping doggie…….

So today is National Love Your Pet day—so obviously the winners of the photography challenge had to be the animals. The only totally new photo is the one of Boozer snoozing on the couch this morning after she was fed (and begged for a small piece of my breakfast as well). Unfortunately right now she is the only canine in the house (until my brother come back for another visit). As much as I would love to get a puppy–I’m still not totally over the loss of Chewi, Piranha, and Spelunkers–so a puppy will probably be waiting until I move and get Pancakes situated in the new place.

The other winners of National Love Your Pet Day are the cats:

Pancakes wondering what the hell is the human doing?
Someone doesn’t like thunderstorms.
Pye in her box

Who doesn’t have random boxes sitting around just for the cats to play in???

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Triple the entries: Day 2 of the photography challenge; all fish in one space.

Not often they’re all on the same side of the aquarium at the same time.

So with the fact that a minor winter storm blew in this afternoon, and I really didn’t feel like going outside–the winners for today’s photography challenge are the three fish in the large aquarium.

So we originally bought this 55 gallon aquarium when the koi fish was getting to big for the smaller aquarium in the family room and we didn’t want to donate it to the local botanical garden for their koi pond. Needless to say that fish passed a couple of years ago (we’ve gone through a couple of shubunkins since then). The algae eater adapted to the aquarium quite nicely (though we learned that they don’t like to be caught with the fish nets when they’re adults).

The larger algae eater in the back was the one I had in the aquarium in my room. But alas, the pump went out on the aquarium (and they no longer make the pump), so I moved it over to the aquarium in the other bedroom.

The cats enjoy going in there every so often to watch “fish tv” for a couple of hours–especially when the algae eaters are cleaning the front of the aquarium.

I’ve realized that once Pancakes and I move, I will have to set up an aquarium for her so that she has her fish tv to watch, since I’m not sure there will be many birds around for her to watch.

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Starting the photography challenge over, take number 5? Or is it 6?

Well I’ve realized that I have fallen down yet again on trying to post a new picture to the blog daily. I also know what part of the problem is–I’m either not seeing anything that strikes my fancy to take a photograph of, or I think of doing it but before I can–I get distracted, and when I remember the picture I was aiming to take isn’t there any more.

So to restart the challenge, I’ve actually cheated a little and am using a photo I took last night of my cat as she was watching me read my oracle cards.

What are you doing human???

I will admit that I do my oracle/tarot card readings at night so that I have something to meditate on, and possibly dream on as well. Last night as I was shuffling and pulling cards, Pancakes came into the room to see what I was up to.

She didn’t know exactly what to make of the cards that were getting spread out on the mat and why I kept shuffling cards and rearranging them, while either nodding or shaking my head. Personally I think she wanted to start batting them around (probably thought that was what I was doing in an odd sort of way).

But she does like to investigate things that make sounds, especially plastics and when I turned around I’d noticed that there was a small piece of plastic behind me–so maybe she was just trying to tell me to hand over her toy??

So here is to restarting the photography challenge, hopefully I will just stop and take the photo when the urge strikes me and that way I can keep in touch with my artistic side as well. We will have to see what tomorrow brings……

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Thursday Double: Days 10 & 11 of photography challenge (a day late)

Someone is unhappy with the thunderstorm.

So I didn’t post a picture last night (there were technical issues), so I’m going to do another double picture posting today.

The first one is of Waffles on my chest last night due to the thunderstorms that were passing through. I’ve noticed that as the animals get older, their tolerance of storms (especially loud ones) seems to decrease. I think my cat found a hiding spot, my mother’s cat curled up by the dog, and I tried to calm Waffles down. She spent a good twenty to thirty minutes on my chest under a cover until the worst of the storm passed over.

The storm managed to drop a good amount of rain for the month of February, but since it is February–the temperatures were all below freezing so all that wonderful rain, turned to ice.

Icy leaves and berries

So when I got up this morning, I found out that I didn’t have to go into work today due to the ice accumulation over night. Everything in the yard was covered in a nice ice coat for the day. The sun did come out to help melt the ice, but the temperatures never got above freezing–so all that melting ice is just going to refreeze tonight. It will be interesting to see what we wake up to in the morning.

I put out more bird seed for the birds and squirrels, and will have to see what the status of those feeders are tomorrow. As much as I love a day off of work–I’d prefer the snow days to the ice days–snow is so much easier to walk on (until its all melted into ice). But that is the winter weather this year–first full day off due to bad weather (we had two partial days off last month). What will the next winter storm bring?

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Photography Challenge Day 9: Flashback Tuesday Edition (short post edition)

My what teeth you have…..

So today’s picture is a in the flashback edition (mainly it was too dreary and damp today to try to get a picture taken). This is one thing that I need to try to work on (taking pictures in less than ideal weather).

But this was a picture I took of Waffles a month or so ago when she was curled up on the back of the couch. I managed to get the perfect shot of her yawning and showing her fangs and her tongue.

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