10 Rounds

So yesterday I finished my first round of 10 rounds.

10 Rounds (c) beachbody.com

This is a boxing based workout program that Beachbody released in late 2019/early 2020.

I was intrigued with the workout program when I saw that there were also two days of wieght training in between the boxing days. Therefore I decided I’d give it a shot–I started the program on November 16th and finished it on December 26th. This is a 6-week, 5-day workout program.

I started on a Monday and finished on a Saturday–because the Friday I should have finished was Christmas, I just moved my rest days around.

Personally I had a few pros and cons with the program.

The pros–the weight training days. Since I started this program immediately after finishing LIIFT4 (which is another program created by the same trainer), I figured I could start pushing my weights up a little in certain exercises.

Upper body lifting (c) beachbody.com

I did manage to do that–basically for the leg day (lower body lift) I was using my 20-pound dumbbells. I still don’t use weights for lunges (with the exception of the side lunge), as I still need to work on the proper form for those.

Leg Day (c) beachbody.com

For the upper body, I kept close to what I was lifting with LIIFT4. I found that there were 2 main differences between the weight training in LIIFT4 and 10 Rounds: 1) the time you’re doing each exercise. In LIIFT4 you’re lifting exactly 10 reps; in 10 Rounds you’re going 50 seconds per exercise (and you may or may not do more than 1 round per exercise); and 2) there is no tracking sheets for 10 Rounds.

Now if you look for tracking sheets for the lifting portion of 10 Rounds, you may find them on pinterest–just realize that the sheets are created by someone else (not the creator of the program) and they technically aren’t part of the program package that you would be ordering from Beachbody.

The few things that I didn’t like about the program included: that there really wasn’t a modifier (which truthfully isn’t a total problem, as I will usually modify things as I need regardless if there is a modifier or not); and the footwork. I realize that this boxing program meant to give the full experience of training as a boxer–but I have two left feet. I found it difficult trying to do some of the moves on a carpet, and then I would just concentrate more on throwing the punches than trying to get the footwork in.

So I will probably be doing the program at least one or two more times just to be able to get some of the other moves down (the slips, rolls, pivots, and so forth). The punches weren’t that difficult to learn, and I actually think I threw them better once I put on the gloves I got with an older program and still had laying around my room.

Overall I would give the program 4 out of 5 stars. I took a star away once I realized I would be needing to create my own tracking sheets (which are still needing to be condensed into one spreadsheet), and that I have no coordination for the footwork, rolls, or slips.

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