CIZE (c)

So I’ve managed (more or less) to make it through a full four-weeks of CIZE. This is a dance program that Shaun T released wtih Beachbody, probably about seven years ago (so sometime in 2015). Over the past seven years, I would try to get through the program, but ended up getting frustrated and calling it quits.

This year I made the decision (and promise to myself) that I would give it another go–and complete the program. It didn’t matter how ‘bad’ of a dancer I was–no one was watching me do the workouts.

CIZE (c)

So this is a 4-to-6 week program, depending on which calendar you follow (the total ‘beginner’s’ calendar is 6 weeks, 1 week per dance routine, while the more ‘advanced’ calendar is only 4 weeks). I did ~6 weeks–but two weeks within that time frame was walking and outdoor chores, so 4 weeks total of CIZE.

As I had mentioned in my ‘March in Review’ post–I like a few of the routines better than the others, mainly because I didn’t feel like I was dancing with two left feet the entire time.

The routines did get progressively ‘harder’ or more ‘intricate’ and that was usually when I would call it quits earlier. This time I gave it my best and just had fun.

CIZE (c)

My main dislike of the program was that there was no ‘modifier’ to follow, and what I mean by that is that there wasn’t someone dancing a little slower than everyone else. I managed to ‘modified’ on my own, but always felt like I was a couple of 8-counts behind everyone else. Other than that very minor issue, I enjoyed the program and am giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars.

As someone who is still not comfortable dancing or having their feet ‘leave’ the ground (there were one or two moves where a foot was said to come off the ground, and I modified by keeping both feet on the ground)–I realize that I really should do the program at least one or two more times–as I know that I will get better at each routine the more I practice. Also I know that no one will be watching me do these workouts either–and by repeating the program, my self-confidence in dancing will improve as well.

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