So I just finished my first round of one of Beachbody’s latest programs: LIIFT4.


This program is a total gem, and one that I’m going to be doing again in the near future. The basis of the program is simple: 4 days of exercise (the program is set to be M/T and Th/Fri with Wednesday and the weekend as your rest days–but if something comes up you can rearrange your rest days as you see fit).

The program is a mixture of weight training and HIIT exercises. Some days are straight weight training, some days are both, and some days are all HIIT. This is also an 8 week program that can deliver incredible results. Again as a disclaimer–I’m following the fitness plan, and trying to watch my nutrition (I’ve found I do better with trying to have a mindful eating mindset instead of counting containers, calories, or macros).

So how did I do in terms of the program?

I’ve managed to start lifting heavier weights for majority of the exercises by the end of the eight weeks. Though there are still several that I’m lifting on the light side of (namely the lateral raises, reverse flies, shoulder flies, and swimmers). I’ve also managed to basically be able to do push-ups on my knees (which before hand I could barely do one–now I can do probably 5-7 before getting tired).

Example of progression of weights:

My filled out LIIFT4 weight progression tracker

Chest Press (week 1): For the 3 sets I was using 8 pound dumb bells. For week 8 I used 20 pounds for the first set, and then 14 pounds for the 2nd & 3rd sets. This is an increase of weights between 6 and 12 pounds over the course of the 8 weeks.

Triceps Kickback (week 2-when you do the first  set): 5 pounds for the three sets; Week 8: 8 and 10 pounds weights (increase of 3 to 5 pounds total).

Pullover (week 1): 8 pounds for the 3 sets; week 8: 22 pounds for the 3 sets (14 pound increase).

Bridge (week 1): 8 pounds for the 3 sets; week 8: 22 pounds for the 3 sets (again 14 pound increase).

In terms of inches/pounds lost:

My starting weight was probably about 192.4 pounds and my weight at the end is about 185.4 pounds. So about a seven pound loss over the 8 weeks.

I also lost almost 16 inches overall and am down a dress size (went from a size 14/16 to a size 12/14).

This is a program that I’m going to be taking workouts from to do on my rest days or to mix it up with other programs. A new fitness goal is to be able use 8 or 10 pound weights for doing the reverse fly (for at least one full set if not all three sets) and the shoulder fly (again also for at least one full set if not all three sets).

I’ve realized that based on my bone structure I’m going to have to keep working at modified triceps pushups before being able to do an “normal” one–but I am also getting stronger in the fact that I can do several pushups on my knees in the correct formation (where previously I had to try to do them on my hands & knees because I didn’t have the actual upper body strength to do the normal modified form). So hopefully by the end of the year I can be doing at least one normal pushup on my toes.

My rating for LIIFT4 is an A+++. This program delivers results no matter what–and you will be lifting heavier by the end of the eight weeks, even if it’s only two to five pounds more than the beginning–that is still an increase and sign that you’re getting stronger.

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