Morning Meltdown 100

Image of the ‘cast’ of Morning Meltdown 100 (c)beachbody

So today marked the end of my first full go-through of morning meltdown 100 (I initially tried doing it back in Feb/March and made it through the first 2 phases before life got in the way)—I managed to push play for 100 straight workouts (yes, there was one rest day—but I doubled up the following day to stay on track). This also means that I’ve pushed play for 107 straight days since June 2020.

I had made it both a goal (and a promise to myself) that I would start to push play daily—whether it is picking out a yoga/Pilates workout on a ‘rest day’ or going through the schedule of a program. Luckily when I started this ‘challenge’, I picked a program that had a different workout everyday for 100 days.

So morning meltdown 100 is a 100-day program that is broken up into 5 different phases. Each phase consists of the following: 10 workouts: 4 cardio and/or weight training workouts followed by a yoga workout. The first 10 days introduces the moves for that phase, and then during the second phase you could be given a 100 second challenge at the end. They also work in a meltdown minute into some of the workouts as well.

The first 99 workouts are between 20 and 30 minutes long, and the final workout is just a little over 50 minutes—but it consists of 1 to 3 moves from each of the 10 workout styles and goes in order of the workouts (taking from workout “1” all the way to “10”).

This is a program that I will be doing again, as I heavily followed the modifiers (and even modified the modifiers) and took several breaks through the workouts.

What did I like about the program—variety, and that each workout was less than 35 minutes (with the exception of the last workout). I’m trying to workout in the mornings and would like to be done with the workout by no later than 10am—I am going to be working on moving that time forward, to where I could be done working out by 8am, therefore gaining an additional two hours to my day.

The main thing that I found lacking with the program was that there wasn’t a weight tracker. Yes, within the book (that could be purchased or downloaded) there was a spot for you to mark what you were aiming for weight wise, but there wasn’t an list of the specific exercises for each section.

This is one thing that I’m going to be doing—creating my own weight tracker, though the first draft will still be a rough draft because I didn’t write down the weights for several of workouts from the first phase. So, I should have a good draft of a weight tracker for the third time through (though the third time will possibly be sometime in 2022).

I would rate this program as an 8/10 (deducted 2 stars due to the lack of a weight tracker). The second round of MM100 will probably be sometime in the early fall running through to one of the fall/winter holidays.

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